Thinking Forward
3D Metrology Innovations for Gas Turbine Industries

In your business, innovative technology and reliable, highly efficient operations make the difference. GOM as an expert in
3D metrology responds to your needs: With cutting-edge optical 3D scanning and testing technology combined with state-of-the-art software solutions, GOM offers forward-thinking to your workflows.


Join us for ATOS Tech Day 2019

Europe | September 26, 2019 | Braunschweig, Germany

Americas | October 17, 2019 | Detroit, US

Asia | November 12, 2019 | Shanghai, China


What to Expect?

Launch of new dedicated technology for gas turbine components

GOM presents the brand-new, specialist technology for high-speed measurement processes in the gas turbine industry.

Experience next generation measurement for the gas turbine industry

GOM sets the industry standards for 3D metrology with its technology and software solutions.
You will learn about:

  • How speed is our top priority
  • High-resolution edge measurement
  • Use of 3D data capture for closed feedback loop within the manufacturing process
  • New features for surface inspection

Learn & connect: meet with like-minded peers

Update your technological expertise, exchange with peers and get inspiration for your business.

Final Agenda

09:00: Registration
10:00: GOM as a partner for the gas turbine industries
  • GOM - a Global Metrology Network
  • 3D Metrology in Gas Turbine Process Chains
  • Optical Metrology: Challenges & Innovations
11:00: Coffee Break
11:30: Optimizing your workflow management
  • Process set up and control
  • From design to series production and beyond
12:30: Lunch
13:30: Knowledge Tracks - ATOS for production and repair applications

Knowledge Track 1
High Throughput Measurement of Gas Turbine Structural Components

Knowledge Track 2
Production-integrated inspection with ATOS ScanBox BPS

Knowledge Track 3
Modern Turbine Blade Measurement Workflows

Knowledge Track 4
High-End Industrial 3D Metrology for Blisk Measurement

Knowledge Track 5
Advanced ScanBox Measurement for Fan Blades

Knowledge Track 6
GOM CT Live Demonstration

15:00: Partner and Tech Exhibition with coffee break
16:00: Thinking forward: Innovation by GOM
  • Industry 4.0: Solutions
  • Hardware mix for diverse gas turbine applications
  • GOM Software 2019: Take inspection to the next level in manufacture and repair applications
  • Industrial computer tomography for Gas Turbines
17:00: Evening event

Global Change as a Challenge

New technologies, global networks and worldwide competition require new solutions in all industries. For you as a player in the gas turbine industry, smart manufacturing processes and top quality standards will become a core competitive factor. Let us be partners in raising your quality processes to the next level.


Find out about GOM's system solutions in the fields of power generation and engines.


We would be very pleased to welcome you.

3D measuring systems: Introduction & demonstrations
Quality control & process setup
Production processes & applications
Talks, inspiration and evening event