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Fast part certification

Fast part certification

The challenge

Additive manufacturing processes are still comparatively new. In many applications, for instance in aerospace or medical engineering, 3D printed parts have to be approved before they can be used. At the end of the development process, developers have to prove that the part can withstand the design loads. In many cases, they also have to demonstrate that a part behaves the same way in a real load test as it did in an FEM simulation.

To provide this evidence, structural analyses are carried out with the help of various load tests. Typically, these involve static and dynamic testing, vibration analyses and life cycle tests.


The solution

With the help of the ARAMIS system, users can identify the strain and displacement of the part surface in the load tests dynamically across the whole surface in 3D. The measurement results can be analyzed in the associated evaluation software, and also compared directly with simulation results. To do this, users import the FEM simulation into the evaluation software and align it 1:1 with the full-field measurements. In a very short space of time, the software delivers a full-field visual comparison, which shows at which points the real test results deviate from the simulation across the whole surface area.

The results of this comparison can be used to optimize the simulation parameters. This may mean having to adapt the material model for the simulation. However, since ARAMIS can also measure the boundary parameters of the part test, users can also identify deviations between the boundary parameters of the real test and the simulation.

If for instance, the stiffness of the part clamping in the test differs from the assumptions used in the simulation, the user can feed these divergent boundary parameters back into the simulation. This allows engineers to simulate load under real boundary conditions.

If the simulation and load test results match, the part can be approved.

The benefits

Full-field strain and displacement measurement
on any 3D surface
Full-field comparisons between simulation results and real tests
directly within the software
Differences between the measurement and computation results
are displayed immediately via colored areas, similar to those used in FEM software


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