GOM Inspect Suite System-independent inspection software for 3D measuring data

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GOM Inspect Suite supports your daily work: You can easily and intuitively visualize surface and volume inspections along the entire inspection workflow. In addition, comprehensive GD&T analyses and a wide range of reporting functions are available.

GOM Inspect Suite is used in quality control, product development and production to inspect 3D measuring data from fringe light scanners, laser scanners, coordinate measuring machines and other measuring machines. You can import CAD data, create polygon meshes from point clouds, execute 3D inspections and compile your results easily and clearly in reports - all free of charge!

  • Data Import
    Import CAD data and measuring data — regardless of the system.
  • Mesh Editing
    Point clouds become polygon meshes; GOM Inspect also supports you in reverse engineering or 3D printing.
  • Inspection and Evaluation
    Create points, surfaces and curves according to standards.
  • Industry-specific Analysis Tools
    Adapted to your needs, GOM Inspect offers specific analyses for sheet metal, cast or plastic parts.
  • Reporting
    The reporting functions enable you to display your results professionally — for all common process and data standards.

What Are Your Challenges?

3D Inspection

Freeform surfaces and ruled geometries from the polygon mesh can be compared with the drawing or directly with the CAD data set by a surface comparison. In GOM Inspect Suite you can realize a 3D analysis of surfaces, but also a 2D analysis of sections or points. A CAD-based generation of rule geometries such as lines, planes, circles or cylinders is also possible. 


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Put together your individual solution and build your GOM Inspect Suite the way it is perfect for you. Even if your needs change, GOM Inspect Suite adapts to them. And not only once per development cycle, but when new features and packages are available for you.

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Sample Data


As individual as your business: GOM Inspect Suite

These GOM Inspect Suite modules easily extend your software


Would you like to work even more effectively and productively with GOM Inspect Suite? Then use the Professional Module. With Parametric Inspection, for example, you can recalculate entire projects again and again or adjust individual measuring tasks, saving time and money. Scripting allows you to customize your evaluations and visualizations easily. The import of native CAD data enables you to work faster and more intuitively.

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Convince yourself of the advantages of the Professional Module of GOM Inspect Suite with the trial version. Over 90 percent of the users of the GOM Inspect Suite Trial found the introduction to the software self-explanatory. Try it out!

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GOM Inspect Enterprise – Network Licenses

With GOM Inspect Enterprise, you get a flexible solution for network licenses. GOM offers different license models to meet your specific business requirements.


Learn what the software offers

More video tutorials and eLearning material can be found under the title "How to evaluate your part with GOM Inspect" in the GOM Training Center. 

User Interface

This first tutorial gives you an overview of the graphical user interface including 3D view, explorer and reporting. It briefly introduces all major software concepts.

Data Import

This video shows you how to import data such as CAD files, point clouds and volume data generated with computer tomographs.

Simple Inspection

This episode demonstrates a typical simple inspection workflow. It shows you how to perform an alignment, create a surface comparison and document the results in a report page.

eLearnings and Classroom Trainings


Whether as eLearning or in a classroom training: Visit the GOM Training Center to learn everything you need to know about the GOM Inspect Suite.

Among other things, you will learn about the benefits of parametric inspection or create trend analyses, statistical process controls and user-defined templates. In the Inspection Basic Training - 3D Metrology, for example, participants learn how to inspect 3D measuring data in the GOM Inspect Suite, including inspection planning, alignment methods or report generation.



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