GOM 3D Testing Day

New measurement and technology for materials and component testing

3D Measurement Technology Solutions for Point-Based and Full-Field Deformation measurement

GOM is introducing its most advanced testing hardware and software solutions, designed to allow valuable test data to be collected quickly and easily, with non-contact techniques for static and dynamic materials and component tests.

The ARAMIS Professional software combines Digital Image Correlation with 3D point tracking, enabling comprehensive analysis of 3D coordinates, displacement and strain. In the field of Digital Image Correlation, GOM is introducing real-time measuring data display during the test procedure while also presenting a new mathematical approach.

With technical lectures and live workshops, GOM will be presenting new product models, the ARAMIS 3D Camera, functions of the GOM Testing Controller as well as image acquisition and evaluation features.

Dates and Venues

March 01, 2016

Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre
Ansty Park
United Kingdom

The GOM 3D Testing Day will start at 10:00 and ends at around 16:00, lunch will be provided.

ARAMIS 3D Camera

  • Stereo camera system
  • Blue Light Technology
  • Light management
  • Light projector
  • Tracking Spots

ARAMIS Professional

  • Live tracking
  • Predefined measuring sequences
  • Parametric software
  • Timeline-based inspection
  • GOM Testing Controller

GOM Correlate

  • Free evaluation software
  • 3D motion analysis
  • Free 3D Viewer
  • Result sharing

Static and Dynamic Component Testing

3D measuring systems by GOM work non-contact and can be integrated completely into existing test facilities, test stands or testing machines. The systems measure static and dynamic deformation of material specimens under mechanical or thermal load, both point-based and full-field. Conventional strain gauges, transducers or extensometers are no longer needed.

Many years of experience in industrial metrology have culminated in the development of the new ARAMIS hardware and software as well as the free GOM Correlate software. This enables GOM to provide a solid basis for decisions in materials research, product development, design and manufacturing.


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