Robtec Deformation Workshop 2009 in Brazil

09/2009On the 1st September 2009 the Robtec Deformation workshop organised by Professor Gilmar Ferreira Batalha (Departamento de Engenharia Sistemas Mecanicos) from Escola Politécnica Universidade de São Paulo took place. The workshop promoted optical measuring technology and specifically GOM deformation measurement solutions.

In this meeting, Robtec introduced the basic principles of modern optical digitizing and deformation measurement and presented typical applications. The workshop included a presentation from Professor Batalha explaining the details of metal testing and material characterization.

The participants including research staff and interested specialists from Embraer, GM, Volkswagen, Pirelli, Maxion, NSK and IPT enjoyed also a demonstration of the deformation measuring systems for stamped sheet metal and a live demonstration of ARAMIS with the Instron tensile machine.

We thank Professor Batalha for the excellent presentation and the nice support from his university and congratulate Robtec to this successful event.