New V7.5 Software release now available

12/2011GOM is pleased to release the new V7.5 Software solutions. The V7.5 Software includes over 100+ innovative functions to achieve faster results, easier analysis and greater ease of use.

The new software packages provide the optimal basis for more efficient hardware usage and more benefit from system functions.

Highlights of the new V7.5 Software include:

I-Inspect: Intelligent Inspection

I-Inspect combines maximum functionality with less complexity and more security, saving time during the inspection process.

I-Inspect offers a faster and safer inspection by simplifying the complete inspection workflow. Reducing complex inspection tasks to one single button, guiding the user, always offering correct software functions. I-Inspect filters intelligently commands which are not applicable and represents and powers the complete inspection commands.

Trend: SPC & Deformation Analysis

GOM's established parametric inspection approach is applied to multiple data sets for trend, SPC and deformation analysis. This allows simple full-field data analysis in one project on multiple parts or stages and complete parametric inspection, changes in one part are applied to all other parts.

The GOM Software offers simple, powerful, full-field statistical process control and deformation analysis for applications such as: Series-accompanying body-in-white control; Comparison of different cavities from injection molding forms; Deformation analysis at different temperature states; Sample inspection of forming tools.


GOM has simplified the complete reporting process, speeding up creation while integrating GOMs parametric approach. The reporting module allows complete, clear and simple reports (snapshots, images, tables, text, ...) in just a few mouse clicks allowing quick creation, re-usable templates, high-quality and valuable information presentation in a intuitive user experience. Report pages can be easily annotated, problem areas highlighted & commented, page format quickly changed and a complete report exported into a transportable PDF format.

Curve based inspection

GOM Software, merges the full-field inspection world with the single point inspection world. Curvature, radii, flush, gap, etc provides the same advantages as full-field surfaces. This provides the maximum information for all inspection elements letting the user decide at any later point where detailed information should be displayed, i.e. single points for in depth analysis. This approach for curvature based inspection allows high information density even for point based inspection features.

Additional software features include

  • Integrated photogrammetry
  • Standalone TRITOP Professional Software
  • Scalar inspection: Individual selection of inspection features for each base element
  • Multiple inspection of elements with one mouse click
  • Compact and flexible label style integrating multiple inspection results
  • User defined measuring principles
  • Full-field statistical process control: Min/Max, Average, Pp/Ppk, Cp/Cpk, …
  • New reporting user interface: drag and drop of templates and reports
  • Integrated augmented reality: View results mapped on images
  • Actual / nominal comparison of sections and curves
  • Radii determination and radii inspection along curves
  • Curvature based inspection: curvature detection and nominal / actual comparison of curvature
  • New full package installer: One installation file for all software packages and languages
  • Material thickness of nominal (CAD) or actual data
  • Material thickness comparison (Nominal/Actual comparison)
  • Advanced cylinder based section analysis
  • Implicit GD&T datum systems
  • Mapping of colored camera images directly on 3D mesh
  • Selective projection & guided touch probe measurement
  • Blacking out of images: hide confidential information
  • ...

Download and update to the latest version of GOM Software via