MCAE Sheet Metal Seminar 2009

10/2009At the beginning of September a very successful workshop with motto "Innovate your processes" took place at the MCAE Systems training centre "Centre of the 3D Digital Technologies" in Kurim near Brno. Total of 53 participants from 20 Czech companies focused on sheet metal parts manufacturing came to know the latest procedures in the area of simulator calculations, 3D optical measurement methods and CAD/CAM technologies.

Optimization of Sheet Metal Parts and Stamping Dies

In the morning the users from several leading Czech companies presented the usage of Tebis software for die manufacturing and deformation analysis for stamping process optimization (Skoda Auto). Others talked about the usage of robots KUKA in the industry applications (KUKA Robotics) or HP working stations for scientific and technical calculations (HP). Engineers from MCAE Systems presented Tebis BREP for design and die manufacturing and his usage with ATOS 3D digitizing for die modification and repairs. MCAE also introduced the universal system of fixtures for sheet metal parts manufacturing.

In the afternoon were practical demonstrations including automated measurement and inspection of sheet metal weldment, deformation analysis of sheet metal parts and modification of CAD models based on simulation.

We thank MCAE and all attendees for their valuable contributions and the good time we could spend together.