MCAE Seminar 2011: GOM Inspect and ATOS Triple Scan

08/2011"GOM Inspect is more than just a Viewer ..." - "New developments of the GOM 3D scanners ". These two topics introduced the GOM seminar which took place at MCAE in Kurim on in the middle of June 2011.

The main theme of the seminar was the latest GOM developments: GOM Inspect and the new 3D scanner, ATOS Triple Scan.

The GOM Inspect Seminar, held on 15th June 2011, highlighted the new versions of GOM Inspect, ATOS Professional and GOM Inspect Professional software. Especially the free software GOM Inspect for inspection and mesh processing of 3D point clouds or ATOS data was the seminars main attraction. In the afternoon workshops presented the new 3D scanner ATOS Triple Scan, either for manual scanning or for automated measurement using a robot. The complete spectrum of GOM's optical 3D technology was demonstrated with presentations of deformation measurement using system ARAMIS, usage of ATOS 3D output for Reverse Engineering and NC Milling or for virtual sculpture and Rapid Prototyping.

The ATOS Triple Scan Seminar on 16th June 2011 featured user presentations from customers such as Skoda Power, Institute of Aerospace Engineering-Brno University of technology, Slovak University of technology-Faculty of Materials Science and Technology Trnava. GOM also proudly presented new developments in the concept of 3D optical measurement. The seminar also included workshops with practical demonstrations of scanning using the ATOS Triple Scan.

More than 80 people took part in this successful two-day event and discussed the applications and possibilities of 3D digitizing and shared their experience.