GOM Software Version 6.2 Released

08/2009The version 6.2 integrates into existing process chains and workflows offering an extensive measurement and evaluation solution for all GOM's measuring systems. Highlights from the new version 6.2 software include; free CAD import tool, optically tracked GOM Touch Probe, free PONTOS Viewer, GD&T module available as default, FEA Data Comparison and Verification, ...

We are pleased to announce the release of the new GOM software version 6.2. GOM completely develops its software and hardware in house and version 6.2 introduces a number of enhancements and new features in all existing software packages. These developments are based on experiences and feedback from industries and our users.

Highlights from the new version 6.2 software include:

Free CAD Import Tool (all software packages)

Extended, free CAD importer supporting all major CAD native and standard formats including;

  • CATIA V4 (all versions)
  • CATIA V5 (R12-R19)
  • PRO/E (Wildfire 3 + 4)
  • Unigraphics (NX5 + NX6)
  • IGES
  • STEP
  • VDA
  • JT-Open (Teamcenter 2005, 2007, Version 8.1, 8.2 and 9.1)
  • Parasolid.

The CAD import tool is available as standard in all software packages, at no extra cost.

In addition to the new CAD importer, v6.2 introduces the export of meshed-data to JT-Open (ATOS). JT-Open is an open CAD exchange format and supports both CAD and triangular mesh data. It can be used as a common interface between different CAD system, as well as an interface for triangular meshes.

Optically Tracked GOM Touch Probe (ATOS)

The GOM Touch Probe is available as an Add-On to the ATOS 3D Digitizer, combining full-field and touch probe 3D measurement. Version 6.2 further enhances capabilities of the GOM Touch Probe, allowing the quick measurement and export of polygon lines, and the use of touch probes with angled heads. An angled touch probe enables fast measurements even in hard to access areas and improves usage and measurement of complex geometries.

Many complex metrology applications require the combination of full-field and point based 3D measurement. The GOM Touch Probe enables:

  • Combination of full-field and touch probe 3D measurement
  • Measurement in difficult to access areas
  • Comparison directly to CAD
  • Measurement of primitives
  • Quick measurement of individual points
  • Online alignment

More Information >

GD&T module now available as default (ATOS + TRITOP)

GD&T describes the geometric requirements for part and assembly geometry thus assuring that parts have the intended form, fit and function. The GD&T module is now a free, default package in the version 6.2 ATOS and TRITOP software.

The GD&T module contains:

  • A user-friendly and professional workflow
  • Efficient selection tools for creating fitting elements to analyze geometrical elements
  • ISO 1101 and ASME Y14.5 standard tolerances
  • Clearly arranged Datum Systems


The free PONTOS Viewer allows for easily interchanging 3D measuring results and reports.

Instead of working with printed tables and 2D reports, the PONTOS Viewer supports the interaction between colleagues and customers with 3D visualizations of coordinates, displacements, accelerations and velocities.

With the PONTOS Viewer, GOM provides not only a free viewing tool for complete PONTOS projects but also a free working tool which allows the development engineer to perform his own problem-oriented analysis and thus freeing up measuring capacities.

All necessary functionality are part of the PONTOS Viewer:

  • Creating further analyses for 3D points, lines or complete displacement fields
  • User-defined legends
  • Handling CAD data for visualizations
  • Creating and exporting measuring reports and videos

The current Viewer may be downloaded here.

FEA Data Comparison and Verification (ARAMIS + ARGUS)

Version 6.2 allows the import, 3D registration and mapping of FEA results against measurement results. The GOM software supports the main FEA formats including ABAQUS, LS-DYNA, PAM-STAMP, AutoForm and ASCII, providing simple fast comparison of FEA data directly within the measurement software.

Version 6.2 enables full-field comparison of FEA data sets with experimental measurements and analysis of geometry, deformation, displacements and strain values including:

  • Major and minor strain
  • Thickness reduction
  • 3D shape/geometry comparison
  • Displacements in X, Y, Z

This full-field comparison between FEA datasets and measurement data allows easy verification of Finite-Element calculation and improvements to the Finite-Element Model, speeding up product design cycles and product development times.
For a full list of all available software features please refer to the software section for each product, contact your local GOM representative or go to http://support.gom.com.