GOM Software is Windows 7 compatible

10/2009The GOM Software Version 6.2 is Microsoft Windows 7 compatible. GOM now supports Windows 7, continuing their trend of creating and supporting state of the art technology.

During the development of hard and software GOM always analyses future technologies. The GOM Software Version 6.2 already has built in Windows 7 compatibility before the official release of Microsoft Windows 7.

GOM's strength is the ability to continually develop and further improve its metrology solutions. The support of Microsoft Windows 7, continues GOM's trend of being the first to create and support state of the art technology:

The GOM Software Version 6.2 has been designed to fully utilize modern computer hardware. The software contains fast and efficient post-processing and analysis algorithms which are optimized for multiple cores and hyperthreading, improving performance and reliability.

The GOM Software Version 6.2 offers a number of enhancements including; free CAD import tool, optically tracked GOM Touch Probe, free PONTOS Viewer, GD&T module available as default, FEA Data Comparison and Verification.