Application Note: Mobile 3D Coordinate Measurement for Shipbuilding

03/2010Mobile optical 3D Coordinate Measurement System TRITOP CMM helps to reduce downtime of ships in dry-docks from month to days.

Mobile 3D Coordinate Measurement for shipbuilding

Measuring Systems: TRITOP

Keywords: reduction of down-times, shipbuilding industry, efficient repair & maintenance, hull measurement, in-cabin layout measuring, 3D-coordinates for CAD-Systems, measuring technology for shipyard & dry-dock

Optical CMM shortens down-time in shipbuilding industry

The successful, safe and economic construction and maintenance of ships today, requires an intelligent combination of knowledge, experience and craftsmanship. The integration of high-end CAD-Programs and Optical Measurement Systems enhances precision and cost efficiency within the shipbuilding industry. The digital measurement system TRITOP CMM enables rapid manufacturing of spare parts with modern CAD/CAM systems and CNC machines. The down-time of ships in dry-docks is reduced from months to days. Optical 3D-Metrology increases efficiency and precision of repair and reconstruction within the shipbuilding industry. Mobile 3D Coordinate Measurement for shipbuilding

The complete application note in English is available as pdf.

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