GOM Conference 2013 shows latest developments of optical 3D metrology

With more than 600 visitors, the GOM Conference proved to be an established forum for experts in metrology, quality control and product development. This year, the focus was on automated quality control and material and component testing.

During the international lecture program it became clear that optical metrology was first used for design and tool-making applications and has now taken root in production related quality control. With the new ATOS ScanBox for automated 3D-digitizing and inspection of small and medium-sized components GOM presented the fourth model in the series. The fully assembled and standardized measurement cells were developed by GOM for quality control in production environments. The ATOS ScanBox is already the product of choice for many companies including Daimler, VW, Rolls-Royce, Bosch, Honeywell, Samsung and ZF. Besides these standardized products, GOM’s know-how in automation also comprises of customized robot measurement cells and inline measurement solutions.

The international conference from 9-12 September 2013 took place for the 11th time at GOM's headquarters in Braunschweig, Germany and had two main tropics – material and component testing as well as 3D coordinate measurement. Representatives, among others from adidas, Miele, Lamborghini, Audi, Bertrandt, Brembo, Tata Steel Europe and Stryker, showed from firsthand experience, how the implementation of optical metrology solutions reduces development times, improves process safety and optimizes production processes. Especially in the field of material and component testing at universities and research institutes, as well as in industry, optical metrology is a viable factor for the development and safety of products. Another important milestone of this year’s conference was a first glimpse into the upcoming GOM Inspect Professional software version 8. For the first time, the software will allow the evaluation of measurement data from all GOM systems including full-field strain analysis and dynamic 3D analysis.

Special thanks to all participants, GOM partners and speakers, who were involved in making the GOM Conference a success.