GOM Metrology

GOM Metrology

Efficient process control

Efficient process control 

The challenge

Many aspects of the additive manufacturing process are not yet fully understood or as familiar as traditional manufacturing methods. We need to capture more detailed information in order to control the additive manufacturing process more efficiently and reliably.


The solution

Optical 3D coordinate measuring systems help clear up any areas of uncertainty efficiently and pinpoint problems. For example, with the ATOS system, engineers can:

  • carry out geometry analyses in between the individual process steps to identify quickly when and where dimensional deviations occur,
  • compare changes in process parameters: positioning on the build plate, build speed, layer thickness, alignment of the support structure, 3D direction, form and size,
  • measure a prototype effectively in order to review machine or process limits or to assess performance,
  • analyze the process over time with statistical evaluations, which provide feedback on the machining allowance and process stability.

The benefits

Fast identification of process variables
that need to be changed
Close monitoring of the impact
of such changes
Less post-processing and less scrap
through better process knowledge and control


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