Mobile and Automated 3D Measurement Technology to Detect Casting Defects

Detecting Casting Defects and Optimizing Processes

Measuring systems from GOM are used in sand, pressure die and investment casting processes to detect casting defects and guarantee consistent quality assurance: from simulation verification via accelerating tool try-out and first article inspection up to production control and CNC machining.

Customer presentation excerpts (PDF):

"Process control from pattern making to series production of sand cast parts"
Metallgießerei W. Funke, Germany:

Optical measuring technology reduces the sand casting defect rate in model measurement by 60 percent. Early detection of casting defects saves companies time, resources and material.

The presentation includes the casting process of the company and examples of troubleshooting of increased part weight and shifted internal core position.

"GOM metrology for lightweight solutions"
Nemak, Brazil:

Fast measurements through automated inspection of vehicle components: GOM measurement technology provides a comprehensive picture of the products through color visualization of the measuring results.


The presentation includes case studies for measuring mold wear and distortion of sand cores as well as for checking sand core displacement.


"Dimensional inspection of aluminum cast parts in the aerospace industry"
Arconic, France:

From tactile to optical measurement technology: dimensional control of wax blanks for model testing, production monitoring in try-out and first article inspection of investment castings.

The presentation includes the investment casting process of the company and the stages of quality control in lost wax casting.

"Optical metrology for surface reconstruction and 3D printing"
Rolf Lenk Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau, Germany:

Use of optical measuring systems in the entire metal additive manufacturing process: The ATOS 3D scanner provides data for surface reconstruction and comprehensive quality control of metal casting defects like warpage and shrinkage.

The presentation includes case studies of creating 3D models for reverse engineering (part reproduction) as well as a tolerance check and nominal-actual comparison of an engine bracket with cooling duct.

Free Workshop Material: customer presentations, videos, industry insights and application notes

The complete presentation documents including detailed videos are available for you to download free of charge after prior registration. 

3,000 participants attended the international workshop series 2018 “3D Metrology in Casting and Foundry Processes”, which the GOM network organizes to share process and metrology expertise worldwide. In Asia, Europe and America, 50 companies reported on their experiences with optical metrology, including Alucast, Arconic, Be Scan, Federal-Mogul, Kamaz, Nemak, Ryobi, Volkswagen, Voxeljet and many others.

Alongside these user experiences, the GOM team presented the latest developments in 3D metrology as well as in measurement and inspection software in live presentations.

  • Automated 3D coordinate measuring technology with ATOS
  • Trouble shooting in casting and foundry processes
  • Intelligent production control with 3D data: Industry 4.0
  • Quality assurance in pattern and mold making
  • Tracking and back projection for tool making and cast parts
  • Multiple part analysis
  • Series-accompanying inspection of cast parts

Impressions from our International Casting Workshop Series 2018

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