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With the rapid development of technology and increasingly higher demand on quality control, GOM’s 3D optical measuring system is replacing traditional measuring devices such as strain gauges and linear variable differential transformers (LVDT) in many fields. Under this background, GOM will hold a free one-day event ARAMIS Tech Day 2019 in three locations worldwide to present GOM’s technology know-how and customers’ using experience with 3D metrology and offer networking opportunities with industry experts, testing engineers and specialists from industry and research & development.


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September 24
Braunschweig, Germany


October 9
Philadelphia, USA


November 13
Shanghai, China

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Materials testing

Optical metrology analyzes the mechanical properties and behavior of all kinds of materials in various test scenarios. GOM’s ARAMIS systems can be integrated into existing test environments, test benches and testing machines:

  • Tensile tests
  • Nakajima (FLC) and bulge tests
  • Shear tests
  • Stress-strain evaluation

Component testing

Real-time and online measurement and evaluation supports dynamic deformation analysis during function and behavior tests for entire components. GOM’s high-standard and high-speed measuring systems can be easily integrated in standard test stands such as:

  • Vibration analysis
  • Structural testing in automotive and aerospace applications
  • Impact and crash testing

Find highlights in the event

Presentations – Two presentations from GOM and customers each are planned for the introduction of optical metrology and advanced applications, together with customers’ current use and strengths of optical metrology in materials and component testing.

Industrial meeting platform – It offers a platform for the exchange of user experience with optical measuring technology and partner knowledge on synchronous testing with GOM’s software.

Expert Talks – Six communication areas offer the opportunity to get to know the functions and features of the GOM software as well as new developments in 3D metrology based on examples from daily practice.

  • Solution for industrial applications
  • Solution for research and development
  • ARAMIS Kiosk Interface – automated evaluation
  • Structural component testing
  • Vibration analysis
  • Validation of numerical simulation

Knowledge Tracks – Introduction to optical metrology and solutions for practical applications with live demonstrations are imparted in four Knowledge Tracks.

  • Introduction to optical metrology & 3D testing
  • Digital image correlation and point-based evaluation – software introduction
  • Optical measuring technology in materials testing
  • Optical measuring technology in component testing

Final Agenda

9:00: Registration & Welcome Coffee
10:00: GOM & Customer Presentations

Digital image correlation replaces traditional measuring devices - GOM GmbH

The techniques from FLD testing to complex plane stress loading analysis for automotive sheet steels - Dr. Fang Jian, Chief Engineer, Baosteel Central Research Institute

11:00: Coffee Break
11:30: Knowledge Tracks + Expert Talks
12:30: Lunch
13:30: Knowledge Tracks + Expert Talks
14:30: Coffee break
14:45: GOM & Customer Presentations

Industrial 3D coordinate measuring technology for material and structural testing - GOM GmbH

The application of ARAMIS 3D 4M in the strength test of civil aircraft - Mr. Zeng Xiaohu, Senior Engineer, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Shanghai

16:00: Open Exhibition and Expert Talks
16:30: Evening Event

Industrial Applications

As a one-source service provider for measuring sensors, evaluation software, personal training and professional support, GOM supports OEMs, suppliers and research centers in the automotive, aerospace, civil engineering, biomechanics and consumer goods industry fields to shorten product development cycles and reduce costs.

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