Volume Inspection

GOM Volume Inspect

Reveal the inside for the full analysis

Volume Inspection

CT data analysis in 3D

Visualize and inspect CT data with GOM Volume Inspect and gain highly precise information on the quality of your measurement objects. 

Intuitive operation, high performance: Never have CT data analyses been easier!

GOM Volume Inspect

All-in-one software

GOM Volume Inspect combines powerful volume features with innovative measuring tools:

Interactive display of volume data

Interactive display of volume data in 3D and 2D volume sections

3D inspections geometric elements

3D inspections of internal and external geometric elements (including GD&T)

Detection and analysis of internal defects

Detection and analysis of internal defects (shrinkage cavities, cracks, inclusions, and so on)

Color-coded visualization

Full-field target/actual comparisons with color-coded visualization

Volume Inspection evaluation

Evaluation of several components via trend analyses and part-to-part comparisons

Volume Inspection Reporting

Substantive reporting that pools all measurement results

The right solution for every problem

GOM Volume Inspect is available in two versions – free of charge and for a fee. You choose the license that best suits your current inspection project. You can always upgrade it later on, if needed.

What do you want to do?

Free evaluations
I need free software for my CT data analysis.
Visual analysis
I mainly have to perform visual analyses of my CT data.
Evaluate individual parts
I only need 3D inspections of geometries for individual parts.
Perform standard inspections
I just need basic inspections for detected volume defects.

GOM Volume Inspect

Detailed analyses
I would like to conduct detailed CT data analyses with a wide range of criteria.
Customize and automate
I would like to integrate my own evaluations into the software and/or automate evaluations.
Evaluate recurring parts
I would like to check the dimensions of components that are used very often and conduct part-to-part comparisons.

GOM Volume Inspect Pro