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Optical Metrology for Shipbuilding


Optical Metrology for Efficient Shipbuilding & MRO


Quality Control and Reverse Engineering for Shipbuilding

Today, an intelligent combination of knowledge, experience and craftsmanship is required to make ship design, engineering and maintenance successful, safe and financially viable. Precision and cost-efficiency in the shipbuilding industry can be enhanced with high-end CAD programs and optical measuring systems. Improved technology developments and increasing market expectations in the sector require new design of important components for higher performance. GOM’s optical 3D measuring systems ATOS and TRITOP help verify the design and control the quality of manufactured products. In ship engineering and maintenance, GOM’s TRITOP digital measuring system supports the rapid manufacturing of spare parts with modern CAD/CAM systems and CNC machines. Reverse engineering technology based on 3D data highly reduces time and enhances the precision and efficiency in shipbuilding. 

From Small Repairs to Complete Overhaul

The mobile CMM TRITOP helps to reduce downtime of ships in dry-docks from months to days. To do so, TRITOP digitizes and reconstructs the surface of spare parts, which can then be converted into a CAD model. Together with CNC machines, the CAD model can be used to manufacture the parts to be replaced precisely and efficiently. Besides a faithful copy of the original, it is also possible to adapt the CAD model to customer-specific modifications. The TRITOP system simplifies and accelerates the whole process. 


Quality Control from Propeller Design and Model Tests to Production

GOM’s optical measurement technology serves to check the complex geometry of all cast products before and after machining. Casting patterns, model propellers, propeller hub bores and propeller shaftings are inspected to control the product quality and ensure a high propulsive efficiency. To do so, GOM’s optical 3D fringe projection system ATOS is combined with the photogrammetric TRITOP system to measure the complete propeller surface, generating 3D data to be compared to the CAD data for quality checks. The combination of these two systems makes a precise measurement of large objects possible.

GOM Shipbuilding Propeller

Features of ATOS

  • High-resolution measuring data
  • Full-field surface description
  • Accuracy, even for complex freeform contours
  • Non-tactile operation and thus low wear
  • Mobile, flexible solution that can be used for on-site measurement and service jobs
  • Robust enough to perform measurements under shipyard conditions
  • Handling of large measurement objects with the combination of TRITOP system
  • Professional and user-friendly software


Features of TRITOP

  • Complete 3D measuring machine with low hardware requirements 
  • Non-contact measurement
  • Very high accuracy also for large objects
  • No wear and tear, no decrease of accuracy
  • Easy handling
  • Independent of environmental conditions