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Fast and safe milling of the tool on the basis of a digitized cast blank

Fast and safe milling of the tool on the basis of a digitized cast blank

The challenge

Larger forming tools are manufactured from cast blanks. CNC production of such a tool can be done much faster if the cast blank, from which the tool is to be milled, has been digitized.


The solution

To do this, the user scans the blank using an ATOS system. This provides him with a 3D model of the blank. He can now compare the geometry of the blank with the CAD model and identify any dimensional deviations. He then determines the machining allowance in the measurement data and transfers these as parameters to the milling machine. The measurement data also helps to quickly and optimally align the cast blank on the milling machine. After milling, the user scans the milling result and compares it with the nominal data in order to carry out any necessary rework.

A cast blank also often has interfering contours such as sprues. These can be detected at an early stage in the 3D model of the blank contour. This information makes it possible to control the milling cutter so that there is no collision with the blank during milling.

Conclusion: Scanning a cast blank in 3D helps to determine optimum milling paths, to avoid time-consuming “air milling” and to prevent the machining tool from breaking.

The benefits

Reduced runtime
of the CNC machine by up to 50%
No costly and time-consuming breakage
of the machining tool due to a collision of the milling cutter with the blank
Optimum control
of the milling result

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