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GOM Product Development for Medical Products

Product Development

Innovative Power and Full-on Quality Assurance with 3D Metrology

Product Development

Health Equipment and Medical Devices

Sporting goods manufacturers use GOM systems to improve their products and stay ahead of their competition. Furthermore, GOM’s 3D scanners provide full-field geometric data to inspect medical devices made of plastics and for further processing in CAD/CAM processes in dentistry.

3D Inspection Inhaler

Sports Equipment

Innovative manufacturers use GOM systems to analyze new materials and develop products from them, for example, in optical running analysis to develop a new running shoe with an ARAMIS testing sensor. 

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Colour Plot Deformation Running Shoe

Medical Devices

ATOS 3D scanners provide full-surface geometric data for the inspection of plastic medical devices and are ideal for full-on quality assurance of products thanks to automated serial inspection. In addition, a CT system enables the complete volume inspection of small and complex medical items.


GOM Volume Inspect Medical Devices