GOM Metrology

GOM Metrology

Optimized 3D metrology for Single Craft and  Productionized Satellites

Satellites & Inhabited Spacecraft

Satellites & Inhabited Spacecraft

Optimized 3D metrology for Single Craft and Productionized Satellites

Satellites and inhabited spacecraft, orbital and suborbital, have traditionally been manufactured as one-offs or in short series production. GOM’s ATOS products, including their ability to produce precise digital twins, are ideally suited to low-volume throughput, short production runs and the assembly of individual craft. One-off satellite and spacecraft manufacture, digitally inspected and recorded, is more easily repeatable and quickly adaptable to higher throughput volumes.

In addition, the quality of additive manufacturing for complex parts and essential small or single-batch set ups, is not only facilitated through digital twinning, but also subject to precise 3D inspection.

Optimized 3D metrology for Single Craft and  Productionized Satellites

Creating a unique digital copy of every craft

Satellite components are manufactured to fine tolerances, but hand assembly means small variations in every finished subassembly and complete craft. 3D optical metrology checks tolerances and creates a digital copy of every individual craft for subsequent post-launch analysis in the case of a fault, for comparison with future builds and product evolution.

Creating a unique digital copy of satellites

Accuracy and consistency in productionized manufacturing

Modern, smaller satellites are being productionized for long manufacturing runs. Here, accurate coordinate measurements are essential to achieving consistency, fault diagnosis and product evolution, as new materials replace old in component manufacturing. In this demanding environment, traditional contact CMMs are unable to support rapid, thorough measurement plans of complex assemblies, like satellites, while providing a full point cloud of the structure for future re-analysis.

Accuracy and consistency in productionized manufacturing

The Solution

The ATOS ScanBox series is perfectly suited for the task, offering CMM-grade measurements while mapping the surface details of the structures with high resolution.

Thorough component and complete satellite and inhabited spacecraft testing are equally critical during R&D and pre-launch activities. The ARAMIS 3D tracking system completes the toolbox of modern R&D labs with a non-contact optical tracking solution, capable of measuring precise 3D displacements and calculating local strain on materials for failure and finite element analysis (FEA) validation.

ATOS ScanBox Series 6 + ATOS 5

The ATOS ScanBox Series 6 equipped with the powerful ATOS 5 is the answer to measuring large aerostructures efficiently and accurately. This automated piece of metrology performs complete analysis measurements on large volume parts (up to 3,5 m) while the ATOS 5 visualizes hidden errors by capturing high-precision data in rapid time.

The cinematic concept of the ATOS ScanBox 6 Series allows high flexibility in positioning the ATOS 5 thanks to its 7 degrees of freedom. The ATOS 5 has a powerful built-in light source that captures high-precision data with 0.2 seconds per scan and 100 frames per second. Thanks to its industry-leading camera sensors and projection technology, the ATOS 5 requires fewer individual scans and thus accelerates the entire measuring procedure.


ATOS ScanBox 7 Series + ATOS 5X

ATOS Solutions Provide

For Manufacturing

  • Automated, operator-independent inspection
  • High resolution and high throughput metrology-grade measurements


  • NDT (and non-contact) inspection
  • Building Digital Twin for smarter maintenance

For Research & Development

  • Design validation
  • Rapid turn around of evaluations

The Trusted Testing Solution, Turning Data into Profitable Insights

ATOS ScanBox Series 8

ARAMIS hardware & software

ARAMIS is GOM’s upgrade from strain gauges and displacement sensors; a stereoscopic 3D optical sensor capable of measuring 3D strains and displacements. GOM’s software suite can rapidly analyse test data for easy validation of structural simulations, providing a quicker process with less testing iterations.The results enable users to review and improve simulation parameters, as well as optimize current and future design processes. Therefore they can reduce the number of costly test runs and consequently speed up product development. At the same time, the results show insights into safety risks, part durability, as well as creep and aging processes. This increases not only the safety, but also the lifetime of products.

GOM Correlate for space solutions

ARAMIS Solutions Provide

Flexible Systems
Physical capabilities to capture complex geometries
Faster, Relevant Data
Rapid data capture outpaces standard contact sensors
Real-Time Inspection
Instant measurement of deformations and strain
Optimized Setup
Accelerated test setup with comprehensive software

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