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Tool Correction with ZEISS Reverse Engineering

Tool Correction with ZEISS Reverse Engineering

Precisely predicting production-related deformation of a part in advance is difficult. It thus usually takes many iterations of adjustments until the designed tools accurately produce the desired part. This course provides a hands-on training to vastly speed up your tool correction process using ZEISS Reverse Engineering. You get to know all necessary features used to correct your CAD models based on scans of the real-life part. You learn how to create suitable alignments between the involved data sets, identify and fix form and position errors, and how to deal with undercuts and demolding problems. You also learn how to apply all of this to additive manufacturing.


Learn how to ...

  • Correct CAD models of tools or parts based on a scan of a produced part
  • Align CAD and mesh data for tool correction in ZEISS Reverse Engineering
  • Find and handle undercuts
  • Organize large ZEISS Reverse Engineering projects
Tool Correction with ZEISS Reverse Engineering