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Surface Defect Inspection – From Mesh to Part Classification

Surface Defect Inspection – From Mesh to Part Classification

Surface defects significantly impact part quality in industries such as automotive and injection molding. Analyzing these small, local defects is often a labor-intensive process. However, GOM offers a more efficient solution.

This course teaches you how to inspect surfaces of simple and more complex parts to obtain a comprehensive part classification. Learn to perform inspections against CAD, against a master part and without reference data. Gain new insights into the concept of surface defect inspections in the GOM software. Exercises after each section provide opportunities to practice and a tips and tricks section gives insights into advanced features and troubleshooting.

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Learn how to use the GOM software to...

  • Create process-stable, repeatable surface defect inspections 
  • Inspect a wide range of surfaces 
  • Perform inspections against CAD, master part & with actual data only 
  • Compensate part curvature & surface texture 
  • Classify surface defects based on custom criteria 
GOM Application Training Surface Defect Inspection