GOM Metrology

Automation VMR

Automation VMR

The GOM software allows the control and planning of fully automated measurements with the help of the Virtual Measuring Room (VMR).

In this training, you will get to know the complete process for creating and executing automation projects from the scratch to the final mesh. During the hands-on exercises with different real parts at the ATOS ScanBox and offline, you will train by yourself with ease.

You will learn the correct positioning of the imported CAD data of your part and fixture which ensures safe operation. Explanations about photogrammetry will help you know when and how to use it.

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Learn how to …

  • Operate the ATOS ScanBox safely 
  • Create a VMR project template from scratch  
  • Optimize measurement series  
  • Work with photogrammetry  
  • Measure objects with and without fixtures  
GOM Basic Training VMR