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GOM Correlate Pro

GOM Correlate Pro

3D displacements and strains in motion pictures

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GOM Correlate Pro

Digital image correlation and point tracking algorithms for 3D testing data

Thanks to GOM Correlate Pro, you can capture measuring data from pictures and motion picture material. Such videos can provide accurate recordings and individual analysis of dynamic processes. These then can be evaluated for specific purposes. The software analyzes strains, displacements, velocities, accelerations, rotations, angles and changes in angle, and much more. GOM Correlate Pro uses digital image correlation and point tracking algorithms to measure 3D coordinates with subpixel accuracy and tracks them over time. Motions and deformations can be captured and evaluated in 3D space.

GOM Correlate Pro

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Whichever testing system you use, with GOM Correlate you can evaluate and analyze your 3D testing data and create comprehensive reports.