GOM Volume Inspect

GOM Volume Inspect

Free software for CT data analysis

GOM Volume Inspect

Start your own CT data analysis now – with the free version of GOM Volume Inspect

GOM Volume Inspect is a standalone software. You can directly import all common formats of your CT data – irrespective of which computed tomography system you use for measuring.

Perfect for beginners

The free license of GOM Volume Inspect already includes all functions that beginners need for volume data analyses. Simply import your CT data, take a digital look into the component and analyze geometries, defects and assembly situations in the entire component.

Easy workflow

Import your CT data with GOM Volume Inspect

Import your CT data

Import your data into the software using drag & drop. It doesn't matter which CT you used to capture your data because GOM Volume Inspect supports all current CT data formats in the relevant industries. The component will pop up in a flash in 3D on your screen – and you can start the analysis straight away.

View the component with GOM Volume Inspect

View the component

You can now view your component from all sides, make cross-sections wherever you like and move through it layer by layer. Even minute details and defects will be revealed – inside and outside. And you can customize the color representation of individual elements and materials.

Metrological evaluations with GOM Volume Inspect

Metrological evaluations

Be it full-field evaluations or inspections of GD&T or geometric dimensions: You can now evaluate every element – even internal structures. Add the component's CAD data (STEP/IGES) to your project and compare its actual data to the nominal data.

Report with GOM Volume Inspect


Save your analysis results systematically as a pdf measurement report with the click of a mouse. You can customize the presentation of the results: snapshots, images, tables, diagrams, texts and graphics – nothing is impossible.

Forward the results with GOM Volume Inspect

Forward the results

Save the measurement report as a pdf file and send it to your customers and colleagues. Alternatively, you can forward the entire project file. In this way, the recipient not only receives the results, but can also track your evaluation step by step and add more inspections and elements to it.

New features starting Summer 2021

Volume Detail View

You can simultaneously display several volume sections from different angles which gives you an optimal orientation in the volume and is helpful to analyze your component in even greater detail.

Enhanced volume visualization

Enhanced volume visualization

As of now you will have even more options for displaying 2D volume sections and 3D volumes. Use the customizable transparency and color design for high-precision visualizations of important component details. 

Enhanced volume visualization

Presenting results via video

Not only can you move virtually through each layer of your component, now you can also record video clips as you move along, save the evaluation and share it with others. The videos will make your analysis results even more compelling and are ideal to explain complex component information in an easy way.

Presenting results via video

Everything in one place: The GOM Suite

Download the GOM Suite in one click. Not only can you launch the GOM software from the GOM Suite – it also includes sample data to test an evaluation with a real project. You can also use the GOM Suite to attend suitable eLearnings courses in the GOM Training Center and access the GOM Forum and other services. The GOM Suite also gives you an overview of news and events and provides you with tips and tricks to make the best use of your GOM software.



Download now for free

Import your CT data and test out all the functions of GOM Volume Inspect! Permanent free use – no contractual obligation

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GOM Volume Inspect Training


Do you need help getting started? Then click into the GOM Training Center now! Here you will find an eLearning session for visualizing and polygonising volume data. 

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GOM Volume Inspect Sample Data

Sample Data

You don't have any CT data? Then use our CT sample data to test out GOM Volume Inspect. 

Download sample data

Hungry for more?

GOM Volume Inspect Pro

Would you like to automate measurement processes, evaluations and visualizations? Conduct user-defined checks and analyze component features according to your self-defined criteria? Then test out GOM Volume Inspect Pro – the professional version with powerful analysis features.

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