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More options with GOM packages

GOM packages are program extensions providing additional functions for GOM's software and thus more options for your use cases.

No extra cost for more functions

GOM packages are automatically included in GOM Correlate Pro. There is no extra charge for our customers. All you need is internet access and a GOM ID to download the GOM packages.

There are three different categories of GOM packages which are used for different applications:

  • 3D metrology (quality assurance, testing for geometric and dimensional accuracy)
  • 3D testing (measurement of dynamic deformation processes or motion sequences)
  • Computer tomography (X-ray technology for volumetric quality assurance)

GOM Correlate Pro is GOM's software solution for measuring and analyzing 3D data by using motion images which capture dynamic deformation processes or motion sequences. GOM Packages provide you with tailor-made evaluation functions for your inspection jobs. Your workflow will be even more efficient and your evaluations and measurement reports will be available even faster.

GOM Packages for GOM Correlate Pro:

  • Determination of material properties based on tensile tests (e.g. according to DIN EN ISO 6892, ASTM E11, DIN ISO 527-2, ASTM D638)
  • Calculation of forming limit curves according to ISO 12004 based on a Nakajima test series
  • Determination of biaxial stress-strain curves based on hydraulic bulge tests according to ISO 16808.
  • Import of FEA data sets (ABAQUS, ANSYS, LS-Dyna, Autoform, PAM-STAMP) and full-field differential analyses of displacements and strains by comparing simulation results and 3D measuring data
  • ARAMIS Kiosk Interface: The Kiosk Interface has the option to pre-set operator workflows for recurring measurement and inspection jobs and to limit software options to what the operator needs. The result: Fast workflows based on clearly defined process steps.
  • Mapping of thermographic camera temperatures to 3D values measured with ARAMIS for combined analyses of mechanical deformations and temperature gradients
  • Contour detection for airbag deployment analyses
  • Crack tip detection and tracking
  • Vibration analysis tools for measuring deflections during harmonic excitation based on sub-sampling as well as for determining operating deflection shapes of non-harmonically excited DUTs and for calculating frequency response functions.

Easy to manage and useful add-ons

There are two ways to access the GOM packages and to manage them – quick and easy:

GOM Suite

Install the GOM Packages directly from the GOM Suite or the software. Log in with your GOM ID. Then go to the left menu bar in the GOM Suite and click on "Packages".  Now you have direct access to GOM's Packages.

Here you will find all available Packages, sorted according to their areas of application (see above). The details pages provide information on individual Packages and their functions. Choose your Packages, download them and then import them into GOM Software Pro.

GOM Software Pro Package Manager

Instead of using the GOM Suite you can also work with the Package Manager in GOM Software Pro. It lists all the GOM Packages that have been already installed. While connected to the Repository, the Manager checks whether your Package version is still up-to-date.

You will also find direct download links for the latest GOM packages (depending on your current license) in the Packaging Manager. 

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