Workflow in GOM Inspect Suite

One software for your entire workflow

GOM Inspect Suite supports you in all steps of your process


Photogrammetry, scan, inspection and reporting from a single source

GOM Inspect Suite facilitates the entire inspection process. It allows for a seamless progression of all workflow steps in one software user interface: from measuring to compiling the measuring results in a report.

Workflow in GOM Inspect Suite
Workflow in GOM Inspect Suite

Diverse applications – one workflow

GOM Inspect Suite combines all various types of applications – you can operate your measuring system and perform inspection tasks assisted by the software in the next step. Perform 3D inspections of surfaces or volumes as well as 2D analyses of sections or points. A CAD-based generation of standard geometries such as lines, planes, circles or cylinders is also possible.

GOM Inspect Suite Workflow

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