Blade Inspection

Blade Inspection

Blade Inspection

Inspect Blades with GOM Inspect Suite

Tailored High Precision

More than 30,000 components form the engine of an aircraft. The smallest details matter as they have an immediate impact on safety, engine durability and fuel consumption. This is why quality control is absolutely necessary here.

With a GOM system, you can measure a complete blisk in less than one hour or a turbine blade within a few minutes. These scan data build a digital twin of the part.

GOM Inspect Suite offers specific inspections for the aerospace industry. You can create these yourself and integrate them into the workflow at any time — without any programming knowledge.


Your Benefits Using GOM Inspect Suite

GOM Inspect Suite combines general inspection functions with application-specific evaluations. The native quality control functions for the analysis of airfoils and turbine blades include: inspection of the profile mean line, profile centroid and the profile thickness of turbine blades based on 2D sections. The center of gravity, radii and twist of the profile can also be computed.

Furthermore, you can create a user-defined inspection principle, your own labels or your own report templates.

Blade Inspection

Aerospace Features in GOM Inspect Suite

Higher Productivity

GOM makes your work easier: Significantly fewer clicks in the inspection software and therefore less manual effort lead to higher productivity. GOM Inspect Suite offers many new features. Among others, the program simplifies the inspection of blisks or ”bladed disks” for the user.

Improved Blisk Inspection

Once an inspection has been defined for a blade, it can be automatically repeated for any number of blades on the blisk. The automatic position generation also supports the user in capturing the blisk completely and simplifies the inspection.

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Aerospace — An Industry of Superlatives

Long development cycles combined with a high degree of customizing, this is what characterizes the aerospace manufacturing industry. Furthermore, safety and quality of the products have top priority and are closely monitored by legislation. Optical metrology from GOM supports quality monitoring with high digitizing speed and high-precision measuring data. A scan in one measuring position takes only 0.2 seconds. A total of 120 images per second can be triggered. This means, that a turbine blade is completely digitized in three minutes, a complete blisk in about an hour. The resulting point cloud can directly be compared in the GOM software using a surface comparison with the CAD model or data from previous measurements. Within minimum time, an easily understandable overview of the dimensional accuracy of the just produced, maintained or repaired part is created. OEMs are increasingly opting for automated optical measuring solutions that deliver fast, reliable and repeatable results in minutes rather than hours.