3D Inspection with GOM Inspect Suite

3D Inspection with GOM Inspect Suite

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3D Inspection

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By using optical metrology, you not only get accurate and comprehensive measurement results, the GOM Inspect Suite also provides you with detailed and versatile analysis functions and reports can be easily created. From nominal-actual comparison to form and position calculations and volume inspections, various functions are available.

Shape and position (GD&T)

GD&T provides the metrologist with precise specifications for the verification of a part. GOM Inspect Suite contains functionalities for the comprehensive analysis of the size, form and position of a part based on datum systems, compensation elements and tolerances. Corresponding GD&T checks are, for example, planarity, parallelism or cylindricity. A standard-compliant consideration of two-point sizes and the maximum material condition and also a check of the position tolerance in the local datum and coordinate systems is possible. GOM supports both ISO and ASME standards and continuously implements updates of the standards in the software.

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Alignment functions

Alignment functions

GOM Inspect Suite includes all default alignment functions. This includes: RPS alignment, hierarchical alignment based on geometry elements, alignment in a local coordinate system, using reference points and various best-fit procedures such as global and local best-fit. In addition, customer-specific alignments, for example, for turbine blades, such as Balanced Beam or Equalized Nested, can be executed.

Nominal-actual comparison

Nominal-actual comparison

Polygon meshes describe freeform surfaces and standard geometries. In GOM Inspect Suite, these can be compared with the drawing or directly with the CAD data set using a surface comparison. You can realize a 3D inspection of surfaces, but also a 2D analysis of sections or points. A CAD-based generation of standard geometries such as lines, planes, circles or cylinders is also possible.

Curve Inspection

Curve inspection

GOM Inspect Suite closes the gap between point-based and surface-based inspection. Based on fully digitized data, construction functions for curves can be applied and their properties can be visualized. For example, edge curves can be captured and radii and character lines can be analyzed and spline curves can be created. The curve-based inspection also makes it possible to evaluate gap and flush.

Surface Inspection

Surface inspection

The optical measurement technology enables a reproducible evaluation of surface defects in series production. The results are objective and available faster than with a grindstone. To ensure that the surface defect representation is directly adapted to the shape of the part, the GOM Inspect Suite offers the inspection of surface defects even in curved direction. The software also automatically computes the orientation of the surface normals.

GOM Inspect Suite offers the possibility to inspect a part against the boundary sample part. This enables a simple actual/actual comparison and known, accepted defects are not shown in the presentation of results.

Blade inspection

GOM Inspect Suite combines general inspection functions with application-specific evaluations. The native quality control functions for the analysis of profiles and turbine blades include the inspection of the profile mean line, profile center of gravity and profile thickness of turbine blades based on 2D sections. The center of gravity, radii and twist of the profile can also be calculated. You can also create a user-defined inspection principle and your own labels or report templates.

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Volume inspection

Volume models can be visualized and evaluated in GOM Inspect Suite using the GOM Volume Inspect program. Volume data acquired by a computed tomography (CT) system can be imported and analyzed in the common formats (.vgi, .vgl, .pcr, .exv, .rek) and as raw data via drag & drop.

The GOM Inspect Suite includes a volume rendering function that visualizes the whole part including the inner structures. You can cut the object and view it layer by layer. Furthermore, the different materials of a scanned object can be imported as separate meshes. In addition to individually scanned objects, you can also import data sets in which several objects have been captured simultaneously by a CT.

GOM Volume Inspect offers even more comprehensive volume inspections.

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GOM Inspect Suite is the software that grows with your requirements. Register and download the free inspection features and test the great variety of GOM Inspect Suite.

Put together your individual software solution and build your GOM Inspect Suite the way it is perfect for you. The GOM Inspect Suite offers you application-specific and industry-specific inspections which are continuously enhanced.

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Download GOM Inspect Suite for free. It also includes the 3D viewer GOM Inspect Lite which allows you to open, edit and save existing projects.


Raise inspection to the next level

Would you like to work even faster and more productively? Then, the GOM Inspect Suite supports you with the Professional module. 


Parametric inspection

The Professional module in GOM Inspect Suite is based on a basic parametric concept. All process steps are traceable and the software ensures high process reliability of measurement results and reports. Thus, you will receive your individual results even faster.

The parametric approach of the GOM software allows trend analyses and multiple evaluations, for example for statistical process control (SPC) or deformation analysis. This allows a full-field evaluation of several identical parts within a single project and provides functionalities for determining statistical analysis values such as Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk, Min, Max, Avg and Sigma.

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Digital assembly

GOM Inspect Suite with its digital assembly feature offers the possibility to combine individual parts digitally, regardless of where the parts have been produced. You can virtually align several parts with each other and inspect them for accuracy of fit in a project. The mounting process is improved by this advance planning of the assembly and technical challenges are visible at an early stage.

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GOM Inspect Suite grows with your needs

These modules extend your software. 

Virtual Measuring Room

The Virtual Measuring Room (VMR) is an indispensable tool for automated 3D digitizing. GOM offers the VMR as an extra software module.


GOM Volume Inspect

With GOM Volume Inspect you can look inside your part and analyze geometries, voids or internal structures and assembly situations. The operation is intuitive.


Virtual Clamping

With Virtual Clamping you can clamp sheet metal and injection-molded parts virtually and measure them without the need for complex clamping fixtures. Costs and storage of clamping fixtures are reduced.


eLearnings and classroom training

Whether as eLearning or in a classroom training: At the GOM Training Center, you will learn everything you need to know about the GOM Inspect Suite.

Among other things, you will learn about the benefits of parametric inspection or create trend analyses, statistical process controls and user-defined templates. In the Inspection Basic Training - 3D Metrology, for example, participants learn how to inspect 3D measuring data in the GOM Inspect Suite, including inspection planning, alignment methods or report generation.



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