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GOM ATOS Quality Assurance of Cast Parts

Quality Assurance of Cast Parts

Quality Assurance of Cast Parts


Casting is a complex manufacturing process. Molding, cooling, assembly and machining processes can all influence the shape and quality of the final cast parts. Thus, quality assurance during the complete manufacturing process is necessary, from simulation validation via tool try-out and first article inspection up to production control and CNC machining. However, conventional tactile measuring systems have limitations, especially for complex and large parts. Therefore, a more efficient and reliable measuring system is needed.

GOM ATOS Q Casting Parts


ATOS Q can be well used in sand, pressure die and investment casting processes to guarantee consistent quality assurance. During tool try-out, for example, ATOS Q digitizes the full surface of cast parts. By comparing the full-field measuring results to the CAD data, deviation analyses are possible to check for shape and dimensions, thus accelerating mold correction and try-out. ATOS Q is equipped with interchangeable measuring volumes and can be adapted to specific measuring tasks. Using the Triple Scan Technology, the sensor easily captures even areas that are hard to reach. GOM’s fringe projection technique provides very accurate scan results. In the GOM Inspect software, deviations can be represented in an easy-to-understand color plot. In addition, section inspections, check of feature locations and full GD&T analysis are all possible using the powerful GOM software.


Changeable measuring volumes for specific tasks
Captures up to 12 million data points per scan
High data quality
Thanks to Triple Scan Technology and Blue Light Technology


3D scanner for the measurement of objects with complex geometries from small to medium size in manual, semiautomated or automated operation.


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