Process-integrated quality assurance in metal forming

Webinar Series: Process-integrated quality assurance in metal forming

The demands on precision and quality in modern manufacturing are constantly increasing and are being driven forward by technological change and advancing digitalization. Optical 3D measuring systems from GOM form the basis for end-to-end quality assurance and increased productivity of all manufacturing processes: manual, semi-automated and automated systems generate full-surface measurement data, uncover hidden defects and enable companies in metalworking and manufacturing technology to perform comprehensive process and quality control in series production. In this two-part webinar series, we will show you which of our 3D optical measurement systems is best suited for your application. Learn more about 3D scanning, 3D measuring machines and the numerous functions of the GOM Inspect Suite software. In the second webinar we will show you in detail the different variants of the ATOS ScanBox: an automated standard solution that guarantees quality control in the production and manufacturing process thanks to fast and precise measurements.

GOM METAV Webinar Getting started with optical 3D metrology

Getting started with optical 3D metrology: Manual and automated standard solutions

In this introductory webinar, we will present you the basics of precise industrial 3D metrology in metal forming: from hand-held measuring systems to automated solutions for series inspection. Our experts will show which systems are used for efficient part inspection by a worker and how process chains in tool, model and mold making can be made more efficient. Measuring systems from GOM deliver accurate and traceable results in the shortest possible time, enable high throughput and facilitate workflow thanks to intuitive user interfaces and powerful software. The webinar will be held in German and English. After the webinar, you can ask questions in the Q&A.


GOM METAV Webinar Automated 3D metrology production process

Knowledge in practice: Automated 3D metrology in the production process

In this expert webinar, we will introduce you to the advantages of the optical 3D measuring machine ATOS ScanBox. We will show you how you can use optical 3D metrology to generate highly accurate and traceable data without user influence, increase your part quality and effectively reduce costs within the entire manufacturing process chain. The ATOS ScanBox models enable fast measurements of complex parts and provide easy-to-understand results for factory corrections. The full-field measurement data are exportable and can be automatically linked to external databases. The webinar will be held in English and German. After the webinar you can ask questions in the Q&A.