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Demo Days GOM Scan 1

Demo Days GOM Scan 1

GOM Scan 1 opens up new possibilities for you. Sign up and learn more.

Demo Days GOM Scan 1

Demo Days GOM Scan 1

Get an insight into how the new GOM Scan 1 can support you in your daily work. Our Demo Days are small group sessions where you can ask your questions directly and discuss your individual applications with our experts. Our experts will show you how easy and simple it is with the GOM Scan 1 to capture precise 3D data for your purposes.

Ask us your questions about the GOM Scan 1 during the Demo Day Sessions. If you are interested, you are also welcome to send us a sample part and we will talk about the measurement results together.

Register directly, we are looking forward to your participation and will contact you personally for further arrangements.

Demo Days GOM Scan 1 Dezember

December 10, 2021 04:30 p.m. - 06:00 p.m. (UTC) Organiser: GOM GmbH

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