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GOM Retrofit-Aktion


Switch now to 3D measurement systems of the next generation



Starting Precisely into the Future

Switch to current sensor technology and benefit from our complete package of advanced hardware and intelligent software.

The new generation of our industrial 3D scanner provides precise data at high speed. Use the complete functionalities of the GOM Inspect Pro inspection software in combination with the new sensor technology.

Our Retrofit Offer

During our campaign, you will receive an additional free measuring area for the ATOS Q 3D scanner. You will also benefit from special prices for our portfolio until the end of September 2022.


GOM Retrofit-Aktion

Why Update to a New 3D Scanner?

GOM Retrofit-Aktion

High resolution

Precise coverage of complex parts

Highly detailed 3D models

Individual scan with up to 12 million 3D measuring points


High-speed scanning in small and large measuring areas

Up to 50 percent faster when digitizing

Short exposure times, even with shiny or dark surface


Easy operation

Complete package for scanning, inspection and reporting

Digital twin for inspection, adaptive manufacturing, simulation and surface reconstruction


Developed for industrial use

Self-monitoring systems

Fast and interference-free data transmission


Easy and fast to the next location

Hand-held 3D scanner for maximum flexibility

Compact systems


Broad portfolio for every need

Stationary, mobile, automated

Production environment and measuring room

3D Scanner of the Next Generation

Our precise 3D measuring systems offer everything you need for complex inspection tasks – including the powerful GOM software


ATOS Q is designed as a flexible 3D scanner for complex measurement and inspection tasks in different industries. The compact system meets high metrological demands. Interchangeable lenses ensure high-precision measurements of small to medium-sized parts. ATOS Q can be used manually, semi-automated or automated.



ATOS 5 reaches a new level of performance thanks to the advanced camera technology, powerful light source and high-performance software, especially when measuring complex parts and demanding surfaces. The technology accelerates the total measuring time while providing precise 3D measuring data at the same time for detailed analyses in the GOM Inspect Pro software.

ATOS 5 System

GOM ScanCobot

GOM ScanCobot is a mobile measuring station with a collaborative robot, a motorized rotation table and powerful software. In a short measuring time, the optical ATOS 3D scanner captures quality information at a high level of detail. Efficient scanning and subsequent automated inspection speed up quality control processes.

GOM ScanCobot Header

ATOS ScanBox

ATOS ScanBox is an all-in solution for an efficient quality control in production and manufacturing processes. Available in 11 variants for different applications and part sizes, the standardized and easy-to-operate measuring machines offer a complete solution: Programming, automated digitizing, inspection and reporting.

ATOS ScanBox Easy operation

GOM Scan 1

GOM Scan 1 opens up new possibilities for you. With industry standards such as fringe projection and Blue Light Technology from GOM, the sensor provides the basis for detailed and accurate 3D meshes. The integrated GOM Inspect software supports you to apply the mesh to any project, whether 3D printing, reverse engineering or component testing.

GOM Scan 1

Hand-held systems

The focus of our 3D scanning network #HandsOnMetrology is on new 3D scanners from GOM and ZEISS, of course as complete packages with the software. T-SCAN hawk, the portable, hand-held 3D laser scanner is ready-to-use wherever data needs to be acquired. With its compact design, it is suitable for narrow spaces and hard-to-reach areas.

GOM Retrofit-Aktion

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GOM Retrofit-Aktion