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Software Release 2022

Software Release 2022

Top Features of our Software 2022

Our 3D software is continuously being developed and this is done in constant dialog with our customers. This way we can support you better, you become more productive, save time and money. Here we show you the best new features in our different software products.

All these software products are part of ZEISS Quality Suite. ZEISS Quality Suite offers numerous benefits such as direct access to all related services like training, updates, news and add-ons.

GOM Inspect Pro 2022

Industry standard for 3D inspections and evaluations

With GOM Inspect Pro you can raise your 3D inspections to the next level. Our 2022 features include: 

  • Photorealistic rendering to simulate your parts in digital assemblies and real environments and assess the influence of light and shading
  • New reporting functionalities using smart diagram views and a modernized UI for creating intelligent result reports
  • Smart scanning capabilities support fully automated ScanBox measurements to increase productivity and minimize user interaction
GOM Inspect Pro Features

GOM Volume Inspect Pro 2022

CT volume data analysis

With GOM Volume Inspect Pro you can reveal the inside of your parts and detect defects on outer surfaces as well as in inner structures of your parts. The latest features are: 

  • Improved segmentation algorithms to inspect multi-material components
  • Volume-based defect detection allows for targeted user intervention to increase the amount of detected defects
  • Easy dimensional inspection on 2D images thanks to the improved section view by overlaying multiple elements such as volume, CAD and defect data
GOM Volume Inspect Pro

GOM Blade Inspect Pro 2022

Next generation airfoil and blade inspection

GOM Blade Inspect Pro is our solution for an industry with the highest standards and quality requirements. The new feature highlights for this industry are: 

  • 3D Throat Area to compute the geometric throat area for blades and nozzle guide vanes
  • Virtual Balancing to optimize the position of blades in a disc or rotor stage
  • Seamless integration with ZEISS CALYPSO for the analysis of blades, vanes and blisks
  • Expansion of existing functions, like profile inspections, and enhancements to workflows for specific applications
GOM Blade Inspect Pro Features

GOM Correlate Pro 2022

3D displacements and strains in motion pictures

Use GOM Correlate Pro for digital image correlation and point tracking on 3D testing data and discover the new improvements of the software: 

  • Point components including coded points can now be easily analyzed and used for new adapter and tracking workflows
  • New extensometer functions 
  • Improved software performance and new data storage functionalities 
GOM Correlate Pro


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