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Top Features of GOM Software 2021

Top Features 2021

Top Features

The best new features of GOM Software 2021

GOM software is continuously being developed and this is done in constant dialog with our customers. This way we can support you better, you become more productive, save time and money. Here we show you the best new features in the different sectors of GOM Software.

Improved manual scanning

The new Workflow Assistant supports users who measure non-automated. Plus, you can now measure multiple parts at the same time.

New features for VMR

Smart Scanning and Advanced Calibration are the latest features for our automated measuring systems. With Smart Scanning in the Virtual Measurement Room (VMR), you can teach, perform and optimize measurements with just one click.

Quick GD&T

For even faster analysis of shape and position tolerances, the function GD&T Quick Creation is integrated in GOM Inspect 2021. Defects can be grouped easily.

Extract volumes from batch scan

In GOM Volume Inspect, volume areas can be automatically extracted and volume section videos can be created with the new software version.

Testing software developments

GOM Correlate 2021 now supports you with a stage filter and offers the possibility to reduce the project size. In addition, you can now set deviation flags in the forming limit diagram (ARGUS).

New blade workflow

GOM Blade Inspect now offers you an intuitive workflow. When analyzing a profile by shape and position, you can now select different tolerance bands.

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