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GOM Suite: one central touch point

With the new platform GOM Suite, you get easy access to your GOM software. You can start all available GOM software products, access sample data, participate in eLearnings, access the GOM Forum and more. GOM Suite also provides news and events as well as tips and tricks around the GOM software.

GOM Suite - One central app for GOM software and services

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Get to know the GOM Suite

Load existing projects and perform basic inspections - with GOM Viewer. The GOM Viewer is part of the GOM Suite. An upgrade is possible at any time.


Top Features 2021

The GOM software is characterized by continuous research and development - Check out the functions of the current version. We have compiled the most important ones for you.

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Become more productive

With the four software solutions GOM Inspect, GOM Volume Inspect, GOM Correlate and GOM Blade Inspect, we support your work with workflows and functions that match your industry. See for yourself how you can optimize your processes with GOM software and save time and money.

Your all-in-one solution for 3D inspection

Whether you want to import a wide variety of CAD formats, use trend analysis to compare different parts, easily create templates using the parametric concept, or customize your software even more with the Python interface - GOM Inspect Pro is for you!

Reveal the inside for the full analysis

GOM Volume Inspect Pro features numerous functions that users can automate and program corresponding to their needs. You can directly import your CT data – irrespective of which computed tomography system you use for measuring.

3D displacements and strains in motion pictures

Thanks to GOM Correlate Pro, you can capture measuring data from pictures and motion picture material. Such videos can provide accurate recordings and individual analysis of dynamic processes. These then can be evaluated for specific purposes. The software analyzes strains, displacements, velocities, accelerations, rotations, angles and changes in angle, and much more.

Our solution for an industry with high standards

Inspecting components in the aviation industry or gas turbine parts requires extensive expertise and experience - this is where the experts come in. GOM Blade Inspect Pro caters to experts and their needs - saving your time and money.

GOM Blade Inspect Pro Features

Our events for GOM software

Experience the GOM software solutions in our different events.

GOM Volume Inspect Pro

Webinar GOM Volume Inspect Pro - Improve your processes with CT data

Metrologically evaluate your component data collected via computed tomography for better part quality with GOM Volume Inspect Pro. In this event, we show you our new volume visualization and video reporting features as well as automation and customization tools for professional CT data analysis.


GOM Inspect Pro

Webinar GOM Inspect Pro - Your analysis tool for efficient production control

Learn how to accelerate your production control with the 3D measuring machine ATOS ScanBox reducing scrap and rework times to a minimum. Master simple and complex inspection tasks with GOM Inspect Pro: Use the comprehensive GD&T analysis, create simple nominal-actual comparisons and use trend analyses.


GOM Correlate Pro

Webinar GOM Correlate Pro - 5 Reasons to go Optical: Non-Contact 3D Strain and Displacement Measurements

Non-contact optical measurement technology for analyzing deformation and studying motion in 3D saves time and money. The powerful software GOM Correlate is GOM's solution for capturing, analyzing and documenting 3D measuring data on shape, deformation and motion from moving images and videos. Join this webinar to see what optical metrology and GOM Correlate offer to you and take the next step into the future of measuring strains and displacements.


Update Training

This update training provides you with all the information needed to update your software to 2021. Several video tutorials guide you through the new workflows of the software. For example, you will learn how to quickly and easily create measurements and inspections with enhanced display options and how to evaluate digitally assembled parts. The eLearning course also shows how the new software version helps users with their daily tasks.

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