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Fast, flexible and reliable: GOM Correlate Pro

GOM Correlate Pro boasts even more features for digital image correlation, and captures and measures 3D coordinates with subpixel accuracy:

  • Fast and easy analysis and reporting functions, such as crack tip detection, deformation analyses, presentation mode or export to PDF 
  • Create and customize your own project templates 
  • Efficient throughput thanks to improved software workflows, more compatibility options and GOM packages with software add-ons
  • Flexible, individual pricing models - transparent and cost-effective

Low entry level price: XXX€ , paid monthly

Correlate Freemium to Premium

From Freemium to Premium

Simply more efficient

GOM Correlate Pro 2021 has even more functionalities in store for you and will make your work processes easier and more efficient – you can create your own project templates or use GOM Correlate Pro’s Python interface, for example. Save time and money and profit from the full range of functions of our 3D testing software.

GOM Correlate Pro

Easy, quick and precise motion analyses

GOM Correlate Pro

Non-contact measurements

With digital image correlation and point tracking technology for analyzing deformation processes and complex motion sequences in 3D

3D displacements and strains

Fast measurements and precise analyses

Intuitive interface

In the software and in other software services of the GOM Suite

Optimized for your project

GOM Correlate Pro gives you everything you need for precise measurements, their detailed documentation and all sorts of evaluations. Our team is constantly enhancing the GOM Software to offer you the best user experience for every project. Have a look at some of the functions and enhancements that are inside GOM Correlate 2021.


More powerful windowing system

  • Coordinate-based filter functions ensure a higher precision in strain and displacement analyses
  • Single point tracking with coded reference point marker
  • Data picker for point-based analyses in the Forming Limit Diagram (FLD)
Analyse Power

New Features

Efficient workflow

  • The inspection process with live preview of results during the 2D measurement is always under control
  • Thanks to the pre-set memory allocation the software is now faster “ready-to-measure” 
  • The extended XML export and strain calculation model facilitate collaboration with other sites
GOM Correlate Start efficient work

More than just software

We've enhanced the features of GOM Correlate Pro. And: As of now you can choose your individual subscription model from different plans and access news, events or the ZEISS Quality Training Center even faster via the GOM Suite.

Tailor-made: our subscription models

Innovative software solutions need pricing plans that are in keeping with the times. Profit from more flexibility by creating your own license packages: varying expiration terms and more options – meeting your budget or needs.

Plans and Pricing ›

Licent offers

Everything in one place: The GOM Suite

Starting now, you will have everything under control and at your fingertips. GOM Correlate Pro is part of the GOM Suite. You will have access to all available packages, the latest updates, news and upcoming events. Always at your fingertips.

GOM Suite

Learning together in the ZEISS Quality Training Center

GOM Correlate Pro has been designed to ensure that it is easy to use and very easy to learn. We offer workshops to get started with optical 3D strain and motion measurements which you and your team can combine with tailor-made courses. Depending on your area of expertise and the application you require we also offer courses providing detailed know-how for your specific challenges. We are happy to welcome you to our courses.

Training Center

System requirements

Here you will find all the information you need to install the new version of GOM Correlate 2021 and how to use in a way that best suits your needs. You will then be able to process and evaluate motion pictures with reliable results.

Minimum system requirements:

  • Intel Core i3 processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • OpenGL compatible graphics card
  • Windows 10, 64bit with current security updates (we do not support any other operating systems)
  • Internet access

We recommend the following system requirements:

  • Intel Core i7 (QuadCore) processor
  • 16 GB RAM or more
  • Certified graphics card for using the GOM software: Here is a list with certified graphics cards https://connect.gom.com/x/_bbVAg (GOM ID required)
  • Windows 10, 64bit with current security updates (we do not support any other operating systems)
  • Internet access

We're here for you

Do you have any questions on GOM Correlate or do you need tailor-made licensing solutions? Contact us - we will be happy to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the free version of GOM Correlate still available?

GOM Correlate Pro is the most extensive software package for 3D testing applications. It includes all enhancements and unrestricted use of all functionalities in our current software release. Try out GOM Correlate Pro - no strings, no obligation. We offer a 14-days free trial license for GOM Correlate Pro. Once this trial period has expired, you can choose the subscription which best suits your needs and use all features of the full version.

Our free service also includes a basic software version which you can use indefinitely for free. GOM Correlate will always be available for you.

Can I simply update my older version of GOM Correlate?

If you are still using an older version of GOM Correlate - for instance, GOM Correlate 2019 or 2020 - all you have to do is install GOM Correlate together with the GOM Suite. You will find the system requirements for the software update here.

Is it possible to reduce the costs for the software?

We have updated our plans for you. As of now there are several subscription models. These plans are based on your individual usage requirements and can be matched more easily to you budget. Everything is more transparent, you know exactly where your money goes and you are more flexible.

Our current plan and pricing details for GOM Correlate ›

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