Automation Workshop: Optical 3D Measurement Technology in Automated Production Cycles

March 5, 2015

GOM Italia Srl, Via della Resistenza 121/A,
20090 Buccinasco (MI), Italy

Automation continues to grow as an important tool in industrial process chains. GOM offers innovative solutions that enable companies to integrate optical metrology seamlessly in their automated processes.

  • Increased efficiency in quality control
  • Higher productivity
  • Higher accuracy
  • Major cost reductions

The workshop "Optical 3D Measurement Technology in Automated Production Cycles" points out how optical metrology is integrated into modern product development processes, production analysis, statistical analysis, and quality control.

In addition, the event will feature presentations of companies that have already implemented GOM systems in its production cycles, demonstrating how optical measurement systems help to reduce development time, optimize production processes and speed up time-to-market.

Along with the user experiences, GOM Italia will organize presentations and live demonstrations in order to show the latest developments in 3D metrology and software for measurement and analysis.


GOM Italia Srl
Via della Resistenza 121/A
20090 Buccinasco (MI)

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