Service Providers - Automation

GOM certified Automation Service Providers offer professional assistance for automated ATOS solutions including part programming, measurement and operating support. 

a3Ds GmbH
automated 3D scanning
Volkmaroder Str. 39
38104 Braunschweig

Tel.:+49 531 38999730

a3Ds is a full service provider for automated 3D optical measurement and analysis. Our experts are able to plan, program, implement and deliver complete measurement solutions for various industries. We are offering our services in any place of the world.

topometric GmbH
Wilhelm-Zwick-Str. 7
73035 Göppingen

Topometric is the leading industrial metrology expert centre for optical and tactile metrology, individual planning and making automated optical measuring cells, industrial computer tomography as well as CAD construction incl. devices and gauges.

PROTOS-3D Metrology GmbH
Mühlenstraße 18
84174 Eching

PROTOS-3D Metrology GmbH is a service company with the main focus on manual and automated non-contact 3D metrology. We design and deliver automated metrology solutions. We take over all project steps from the concept to the finished measuring process. With more than 40 years of experience in optical metrology and our partners in automation technology you have maximum know-how, flexibility and support at your side. Please contact us!

Hauptstraße 100
08304 Schönheide

DAVOSCAN is a service provider with over 10 years experience across all industries and specializes in automated and manual optical 3D metrology, reverse engineering and 3D printing. DAVOSCAN offers the following services: serial and individual measurements, programming of ATOS ScanBox, analysis and test report generation, generation of parametric CAD data from high-precision 3D scans, 3D printing of functional components with carbon fiber reinforcement as well as quality assurance, design and construction of measurement fixtures.