New ARAMIS/PONTOS 12M and HS sensors available

10/2010High resolution, high accuracy, high speed sensors for material and component testing.




The ARAMIS measuring system provides a unique solution delivering complete 3D surface, displacement and strain results where a large number of traditional measuring devices are normally required (strain gauges, LVDTs, extensometers, ...). PONTOS replaces conventional displacement measuring systems and accelerometers. Independent of the structures to be measured, displacements and deformations are captured rapidly in a non-contact manner.

GOM is now pleased to offer both ARAMIS and PONTOS measuring systems in two new variations; 12M and HS.

The ARAMIS 12M and PONTOS 12M sensors offer highest resolution and fast image acquisition with variable frame rates from 24Hz up to 367Hz. The 12M sensors enable a variable measurement setup, and improved accuracy through the complete part size spectrum, offering very high local resolution measurement of parts and components with extremely high accuracy.

The ARAMIS HS and PONTOS HS sensors enable over 7 times longer image recording, with more individual images and storage capability than previous HS cameras. The adaptable image size allows higher frame rates in optimal 5:4 image format. The new ARAMIS HS and PONTOS HS sensors have a high light sensitivity, meaning less light required during image capture, producing less heat and reducing the indirect heating of part or component.

The new sensors are available immediately, for more information about PONTOS and ARAMIS or for a live demostration please contact GOM or your local partner.