GOM - Optical Measuring Techniques

GOM Education Packages

GOM offers comprehensive education packages for theory and practice lessons at vocational schools and universities. While the “ATOS for Education” package is intended for 3D scanning and inspection applications, “ARAMIS for Education” is used in materials and components testing. Besides the industrial hardware and software, the GOM education packages also contain completely elaborated laboratory tests and lecture material including detailed background information.

In addition, the education packages comprise an efficient inspection software for students as well as practice-oriented training for trainers and professional support provided by experienced engineers.

"ATOS for Education" is an education package for 3D scanning and inspection applications. It is used in various specialist fields and study programs: mechanical engineering/mechatronics, construction, industrial metrology as well as design and CAD/CAM. In these areas, the ATOS 3D scanner is a reliable and precise measuring system for diverse applications such as quality control, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, milling or digital mock-up.
For applications in the field of materials and components testing, GOM offers the "ARAMIS for Education" package for apprenticeships and training courses. The ARAMIS system is used in study programs and specialist fields such as material sciences/materials testing, mechanical engineering/automotive engineering/mechatronics and FEM. In addition, ARAMIS has proven to be an efficient measuring system for materials and components testing.
For the first time, GOM organizes the GOM Education Award – an international student competition on 3D scanning. The participants’ task is to prepare a lab experiment using GOM’s ATOS 3D scanner. The lab experiments have to be elaborated and submitted in English by June 30, 2017. An international expert jury will evaluate all experiments. The winner or winning team receives the GOM Education Award endowed with EUR 3,000.