04/2017From January to April 2017, over 1,000 experts from the fields of development, quality assurance and production took part in the GOM workshop series. In Asia, Europe and America, 35 companies shared their experiences with 3D metrology.>
03/2017At the beginning of July, GOM launches its new GOM Software 2017 including new functions and enhancements relating to 3D metrology and 3D testing.>
03/2017Displacements, strains and specified parameters of materials are captured with mono and stereo camera systems. Which differences are related to both optical measuring systems is shown in the webinar on March 30, 2017.>
03/2017On the occasion of the international trade fair for quality assurance in Stuttgart, GOM invites you to the Control break-out session on May 10 and 11. The event deals with ATOS ScanBox Series 7 and 8, virtual assembly as well as with the analysis of geometry, flush and gap. Register now.>
03/2017Progress-Werk Oberkirch (PWO) relies on optical 3D metrology from GOM in its tool shop. As a result, the company is able to reduce tool startup times and increase productivity.>
03/2017From May 9–12, 2017, GOM will show the complete GOM product family with a special focus on precise automated inspection at the leading international trade fair for quality assurance in Stuttgart. Order your free admission ticket.>
02/2017Liebherr-Aerospace uses ARAMIS for structural testing on landing gear components. Thus, the company is able to determine point-based and full-field part deformations and reduce testing times.>
02/2017On January 25, 2017, more than 250 experts from the fields of development, quality assurance and production took part in the first GOM workshop of the international series “3D Metrology in Sheet Metal Forming Processes” in Hanau, Germany.>
01/2017On September 26 and 27, 2017, the GOM Conference takes place in Braunschweig, Germany. The conference includes a presentation forum, solution tracks and a technical exhibition which will show how optical measuring systems shorten development cycles and improve production processes. Registration and further information are available as of now.>
01/2017The ATOS Capsule is an optical precision measuring machine for full-field digitizing of contoured part geometries. The system is used for series-accompanying quality assurance of small to medium-sized parts.>
01/2017The automotive supplier voestalpine uses the ATOS Triple Scan system throughout all processes as a part of quality management.>
11/2016For the first time, GOM organizes the GOM Education Award – an international student competition on 3D scanning. The participants’ task is to prepare a lab experiment using the ATOS 3D scanner and to submit it in English by June 30, 2017.>
11/2016In 2017, GOM will once again offer GOM Inspect Introduction Seminars at its headquarters in Braunschweig and at the training center of topometric, GOM’s partner in Göppingen. At eleven regular dates, users from the fields RP, CAD/CAM, CAE, and CAQ will learn how to handle GOM Inspect.>
11/2016P&C Automotive, a European group of companies, optimizes its production processes using the ATOS Triple Scan system and benefits from competitive advantages due to shortened development times.>
10/2016In an international series of events, GOM Workshops on 3D metrology in industrial process chains will be held from Asia to America. A network of GOM experts will share their expertise on processes and metrology in quality assurance all over the world.>