11/2016In November, GOM’s partner Pro-Technic organized a user meeting with more than 200 visitors in Beijing, China. 18 years ago, GOM entered to the China market with Pro-Technic. Since that time, over 1.200 GOM systems have been in operation in China.>
11/2016For the first time, GOM organizes the GOM Education Award – an international student competition on 3D scanning. The participants’ task is to prepare a lab experiment using the ATOS 3D scanner and to submit it in English by June 30, 2017.>
11/2016GD&T is today widely used in most industries around the globe. GOM is going to break down the fundamentals of GD&T workflows into easily understandable concepts. The training webinar takes place on December 15, 2016, in English and German.>
11/2016In 2017, GOM will once again offer GOM Inspect Introduction Seminars at its headquarters in Braunschweig and at the training center of topometric, GOM’s partner in Göppingen. At eleven regular dates, users from the fields RP, CAD/CAM, CAE, and CAQ will learn how to handle GOM Inspect.>
11/2016P&C Automotive, a European group of companies, optimizes its production processes using the ATOS Triple Scan system and benefits from competitive advantages due to shortened development times.>
10/2016In an international series of events, GOM Workshops on 3D metrology in industrial process chains will be held from Asia to America. A network of GOM experts will share their expertise on processes and metrology in quality assurance all over the world.>
10/2016Besides geometrical and functional requirements, visible surfaces play also a critical role as they directly represent the product quality. The training webinar takes place on October 27, 2016, in English and German.>
10/2016GOM offers an additional GOM Inspect Introduction Seminar on December 15 in the training center in Göppingen. During the one-day seminar, users learn how to use the software for their individual measuring tasks.>
09/2016In September 2016, GOM moved to its new head office in Braunschweig. With the relocation, GOM reacts to the rising demand for 3D Testing and 3D Metrology systems.>
09/2016In order to make aircrafts more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, DLR (German Aerospace Center) uses GOM’s ATOS Triple Scan system at its site in Braunschweig. The measuring system makes it possible to research the impact of surface geometries on the flow resistance.>
08/2016On October 10, 2016, GOM offers an additional GOM Inspect Introduction Seminar at the headquarters in Braunschweig (Germany). The GOM Inspect software is free of charge and allows a complete and precise analysis of 3D measuring data.>
08/2016In addition to ATOS for Education for 3D scanning and inspection tasks, GOM now also offers an educational package for materials and components testing. ARAMIS for Education is also used for teaching at vocational schools, higher education institutions and universities.>
07/2016The ARAMIS 3D Camera is new hardware for a better understanding of material properties and component behavior. The new testing sensor is easy to integrate in material test stands and component testing facilities for dynamic deformation analyses.>
07/2016ATOS fringe pattern projection systems are ideally suited for the quality control of complex freeform surfaces and thus are used to inspect airfoils of aircraft engines, terrestrial gas & steam turbines and turbocharging systems. >
07/2016GOM has launched the GOM Software 2016, which is as of now available. The new software version offers a large range of functional improvements and innovations in the fields of 3D metrology, Virtual Measuring Room (VMR) and 3D testing.>
06/2016The GOM workshop took place on June 21 in Hanau (Germany). Among 180 participants, the event brought together experts from the fields of production, development and quality control. The thematic focus of the event was on quality control in injection molding and plastic process chains.>
06/2016In the second half of 2016, GOM offers further GOM Inspect Introduction Seminars. The one-day seminars take place in Braunschweig and Göppingen.>