News History

GOM Inspect 11/2010Powerful, free software for inspection and mesh processing of 3D point clouds>
11/2010The 11th GOM Optical Metrology Conference in China was held in the Haiyatt Garden Hotel in Chang An, Dongguan City, November 25 to 27, 2010.>
11/2010Marubeni User Meeting in Tokyo and in Nagoya with additional deformation workshop>
GOM User Meeting in Malaysia 11/2010The User Meeting in Malaysia was held in the Kota Permai Golf and Country Club, October 26, with over 60 registered users and potential customers.>
GOM Italia Open House 11/2010For the opening of the Italian subsidiary GOM Italia in Milan, the Italian team organized a special event for all its customers and industry partners. >
Korea User Meeting 2010 11/2010OMA held their GOM User Meeting in Daejeon, October 21 and 22. More than 100 users and potential customers visited this event, held at Hannam University Daeduck Campus.>
Sistemas Ópticos GOM - México 2010 11/2010On October 19th the "GOM Conference Mexico 2010" took place in Tlalnepantla State of Mexico. CIM Co. would like to thank all participants.>
New ARAMIS and PONTOS Sensors 10/2010High resolution, high accuracy, high speed sensors for material and component testing.>
10/2010Over 175 customers experience new ATOS Triple Scan and GOM Inspect Professional.>
GOM Conference 2010 10/2010GOM Conference 2010 sets new milestones in optical metrology>
09/2010We are pleased to announce GOM Italia as the new Italian partner for all GOM measuring and software solutions. >
GOM Conference 2010 09/2010Optical Metrology 2010 is an international conference covering Digitizing in Quality Control, Inspection and Reverse Engineering and Deformation Measurement in Material, Component Testing and 3D Motion Analysis. This meeting is a platform to exchange experiences about measurement solutions and applications using the GOM optical measuring systems.>
09/2010including presentations from Adam Opel, Airbus, Audi, DTU, Robert Bosch, SNECMA, Volkswagen, ...>
09/2010In August Robtec's "Technology Seminar" and a "Workshop Optical Metrology in Mechanical Manufacturing" took place. More than 300 participants from industry and research shared experiences about the use of optical metrology in Brazil.>
09/2010We are pleased to welcome USM Columbia as our new distributor in Columbia and Globus Technical Equipment as our new distributor in Israel. >
08/2010October 5 - 7, 2010, Newport Beach, CA, USA>
08/2010Industrial 3D-measuring solutions for shape & dimension control >
08/2010Injection Molding Seminar on September 15, 2010: This seminar addresses users in injection molding industry from departments such as Development / Design, Mold & Die Production and Quality Control. Besides theoretical background this event explores the factors of injection molding processes and their impact on the injection molded component. The Optical Metrology provides efficient methods for monitoring and analysis of sampling inspection. This event will be german speaking only.>
GOM Roadshow 07/2010GOM presents ATOS Professional and GOM Inspect Professional, two software solutions that succeed in setting completely new standards. They are totally new developments that make inspections faster, more reliable and easier to perform. >
Deformation Measurement of Metal Forming Machines 07/2010Dynamic 3D analysis of machine tools analyzes machine capability and extends tool life.>
Optical Measuring Techniques in Casting & Forging Processes 06/2010This workshop offers casting and forging experts from R&D, quality control, pattern/ mold design and construction departments the chance to exchange experiences and gain insights into actual optical 3D coordinate measuring techniques and solutions for the casting and forging industry.>
GOM Workshop: Validation of FE-simulations 06/2010As part of product development chains FE-simulations are essential tools. The verification of numerical simulations is nowadays more often realized with optical measuring techniques. Point wise and full-field results from shape and deformation measurements are used for this comparison.>
GOM Inspect Professional 04/2010At Control 2010 GOM will present it's brand new process safe, traceable evaluation software for dimensional analysis of 3D point clouds from white light scanners, laser scanners, CTs, ...>
Control 2010 04/2010Find out more about Shape & Dimension Inspection, Material Analysis and Component Testing at the Control 2010. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our Booth 3330 in Hall 3 and to discuss with you the benefits of 3D-Quality Control and Inspection in Product Development and Production as well as Material Analysis and Component Testing for enhanced Product Safety.>
India User Meeting 2010 03/2010APM Technologies organized their User meeting in Pune, February 23 and 24. The GOM Conference INDIA 2010 is a national conference for integration of optical measuring techniques in industry and Research. The conference is a unique event in bringing industry leaders together and offers a platform for managers, metrologists, technology and research experts to exchange application experiences.>
3D CMM for shipbuilding 03/2010Mobile optical 3D Coordinate Measurement System TRITOP CMM helps to reduce downtime of ships in dry-docks from month to days.>
03/2010This seminar addresses users in injection molding industry from departments such as Development / Design, Mold & Die Production and Quality Control. Besides theoretical background this event explores the factors of injection molding processes and their impact on the injection molded component. The Optical Metrology provides efficient methods for monitoring and analysis of sampling inspection. This event will be german speaking only.>
12/2009When forming with machine tools, dynamic processes have a great effect on the quality of the finished parts. Machine stiffness, deviation of guides and drives, as well as centering and angular positions plays a decisive role in this regard. Tool service life can be increased considerably by carrying out analyses with the PONTOS non-contact stereo camera system for optical dynamic 3D deformation measurement. As a result manufacturing processes can be optimized and costs for tools and maintenance can be reduced.>
12/2009On the 9th December 2009 Marubeni held their GOM User Meeting in the Tokyo Conference Center in Shinagawa. More than 120 interested users and potential customers visited this event.>
China User Meeting 2009 11/2009Pro-Technic Machinery held their 10th annual GOM China User Meeting November 12 to 14 in Chongqing, located in the west part of China.>
Finite-Element simulations 11/2009The simulation of deformation processes has become an important tool for the current process optimization. It can be supported significantly by modern optical measuring methods based on digital image processing providing full-field information of 3D surface geometry, deformation and strain behavior of components under load or formed sheet metal parts. Optical measuring systems have become important tools in industrial product development cycles and in the last years and together with the finite element analysis they have significant potential for quality improvement and optimization of development time for products and production.>
10/2009Find out more about "Optical Measuring Techniques in Design, Tool & Moldmaking and Inspection" at the Euromold 2009. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our Booth H70 in Hall 8 and to discuss with you the benefits of 3D-Digitizing and Inspection in product development and production. GOM´s Optical Metrology Systems world wide support companies in improving Faster Time to Market, Enhancing Product & Process Safety and Reducing Development & Production Costs.>
10/2009At the beginning of September a very successful workshop with motto "Innovate your processes" took place at the MCAE Systems training centre "Centre of the 3D Digital Technologies" in Kurim near Brno. Total of 53 participants from 20 Czech companies focused on sheet metal parts manufacturing came to know the latest procedures in the area of simulator calculations, 3D optical measurement methods and CAD/CAM technologies. >
10/2009The GOM Software Version 6.2 is Microsoft Windows 7 compatible. GOM now supports Windows 7, continuing their trend of creating and supporting state of the art technology. >
09/2009Mobile optical 3D coordinate measuring technology is used for quality assurance on the production line in the BMW Regensburg plant. On the assembly line the photogrammetric system then enables flexible inspection to be carried out during manufacture. Thus trends and deviations in production can be detected at an early stage. As result of using optical metrology rework time is reduced and production costs are cut down significantly. Also Quality Management can be specifically improved by means of process capability studies.>
09/2009We are pleased to welcome R-DESIGN STUDIO Ltd. as our new distributor in Hungary.>
09/2009On the 3rd September 2009 Robtec held their 6. Seminar at the Bourbon Convention Center, Ibirapuera, São Paulo. In this Seminar Robtec demonstrated the complete process from the product idea to CAD design and Virtual Reality. The Seminar discussed speeding up time to market using Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling as well as using 3D-Digitizing, Inspection and optical deformation measuring technology to support the production steps and guarantee the product quality.>
09/2009On the 1st September 2009 the Robtec Deformation workshop organised by Professor Gilmar Ferreira Batalha (Departamento de Engenharia Sistemas Mecanicos) from Escola Politécnica Universidade de São Paulo took place. The workshop promoted optical measuring technology and specifically GOM deformation measurement solutions.>
09/2009The CIM Co User Meeting 2009 took place on August 25th in Mexico with participants from various industry sectors and research facilities.The User Meeting focused on 3D coordinate and deformation measurement solutions and applications. The meeting provided a platform to exchange application experiences using the GOM optical measuring systems.>
09/2009You are cordially invited to find out more about "Optical measuring techniques in injection molding process chains" on the Fakuma 2009 trade fair. Please feel free to join our presentation on Thursday, the 15th October at 12:30 h within the exhibitor forum in hall B5. Or visit our booth 3307 in hall B3 to discuss about shape and dimensional inspection on plastic parts, tools and electrodes.Please order your free admission ticket for FAKUMA 2009 trade fair.>
08/2009The version 6.2 integrates into existing process chains and workflows offering an extensive measurement and evaluation solution for all GOM's measuring systems. Highlights from the new version 6.2 software include; free CAD import tool, optically tracked GOM Touch Probe, free PONTOS Viewer, GD&T module available as default, FEA Data Comparison and Verification, ...>
06/2009Optical Metrology 2009, the international GOM Conference took place from the 25th - 28th May at the GOM headquarters in Braunschweig, Germany. We would like to thank the over 400 participants and special thank you to the individual speakers for their informative presentations and exchange of experiences, helping to establish the GOM Conference as an annual high light within the area of optical metrology.>
06/2009The individual components of offshore wind turbines are often put together for the first time at the mounting site on the high seas. The inspection of connection surfaces and mounting bolts with TRITOP CMM measuring system guarantees a smooth setup of the offshore wind turbines preventing high additional costs and saving time.>
05/2009Optical Metrology 2009 with contributions from ABB, Airbus, Audi, Ford, Gienanth, Hörmann, MGG Casting, NASA, Salzgitter Mannesmann, Skoda Auto, Volkswagen, IPF Dresden, LFT Erlangen, Technical University Munich, Technical University of Denmark, University Groningen, University of Poznan, ...>
05/2009Order a presentation CD from the Injection Molding and Plastics Workshop 2009 including presentations from Sony Ericsson, Hilti and dim. >
04/2009The in-house quality department of Materialise NV is utilizing the ATOS 3D Digitizing system not only for the geometrical full-field verification of additive manufactured parts. The GOM Touch Probe combines optical 3D freeform measurement and online tactile probing within one system. The live-inspection of single points enables the fast and intuitive online-calibration of fixtures and gauges. Thus the GOM Touch Probe supports Materialise speeding up the calibration of their unique mass customized RapidFit+ process designed fixtures. >
03/2009In this workshop injection molders can gain insights into actual optical 3D-Coordinate measuring techniques and solutions for the injection molding and plastics processing industry. Well-known and experienced users will discuss hands-on experiences. The GOM team presents the actual state of the art of optical measuring systems on live display.>
03/2009The Multi Axis Motion Unit in combination with the ATOS SO 3D Digitizer has been designed for fully automatic measurement of small to mid-size parts. With the 6 freely automated movement axes, the Multi Axis Motion Unit assists the measurement of even the most complex parts. >
Real-Time Sensor 02/2009GOM's Real-Time Sensor is measuring 3D coordinates on a specimen's surface during the loading process in real-time. Due to the real time feedback from the specimen, it is used as a 3D-Video-Extensometer, for controlling of testing devices, for long term tests with smallest storage requirements and for vibration analysis. >
01/2009The ATOS 3D digitizer, measuring full-field surfaces, is used in the injection-molding and plastic-processing industry all over the world for shape and dimension inspection. The evaluation of injection-molded parts using the 3D full-field color deviation plot is considerably faster and more efficient compared to conventional measuring methods. In particular, warpage and shrinkage of parts are quickly and clearly displayed speeding up mold try-out and production control. >