GOM 3D Metrology Conference 2017

At this year’s GOM Conference on September 26 and 27 in Braunschweig, speakers from industry and research share their experiences with optical metrology. The 13th international GOM Conference serves as a forum for more than 650 executives, metrologists, and experts from well-known companies and research institutions. The international conference focuses on current developments and latest technologies.

Speakers (excerpt)

Audi  ·  BMW  ·  Boeing  ·  Canmet  ·  Clemson University  ·  DTU  ·  GE Appliances  ·  Liebherr-Aerospace  ·  Opel  ·  Porsche  ·  Rolls-Royce  ·  SVA Potsdam  ·  SAIC Volkswagen  ·  Sandvik  ·  Tata Steel  ·  ThyssenKrupp Presta  ·  Topia  ·  TU Chemnitz  ·  TU Wien  ·  Philipps University Marburg  ·  Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles


Topics & trends

  • Automated measuring cells and mobile metrology
  • Sensor technology and software for quality control
  • Automotive industry, aerospace, power generation, medical technology, and consumer goods
  • Optimization of injection molding, casting and sheet metal forming processes
  • Inspection concepts and tolerance management: GD&T and PMI
  • Materials and components testing
  • Industry 4.0

Presentation Forum

In presentations on 3D testing and 3D metrology, GOM introduces cross-industry topics, providing in-depth insight into the workflows of renowned companies.

Solution Tracks

Interactive solution tracks cover industry-specific topics and introduce solution-driven applications. Participants compile their individual conference program by choosing different interactive solution tracks.


Technical Exhibition

Factory Tours