Update Training GOM Software 2016 for ARAMIS and PONTOS V6

ARAMIS Professional 2016 is a software for the acquisition and evaluation of reference points as well as stochastic patterns. During the three-day training course, you will get to know all concepts and working methods for a successful application. The topics covered in the training will include data acquisition of stochastic patterns and reference point patterns as well as all concepts for evaluation – starting with a simple measurement, via creating measurement programs, up to evaluating strains and displacements as well as creating conclusive measuring reports.

At the end of the training you are able to:

  • Handle the ARAMIS sensor
  • Create a project in the GOM software
  • Handle reference points
  • Apply stochastic patterns on a measuring object
  • Check stochastic patterns in the GOM software
  • Align measuring data
  • Measure movements of an object
  • Change the ARAMIS sensor to a different measuring volume
  • Define user-defined measuring sequences
  • Create components
  • Carry out simple inspections
  • Understand creation parameters and element dependencies
  • Carry out 3-point alignments and best-fit alignments
  • Construct elements, use measuring principles and check elements
  • Show, adjust and export diagrams
  • Create and edit reports and change the layout
  • Create a user-defined inspection principle
  • Create project templates

Prerequisites for a successful transfer of knowledge:

  • Basic knowledge of how to use a PC system
  • Basic knowledge of how to use windows-oriented software

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