Inspection Basic Training - Photogrammetry

3D point-based measurement data can be evaluated using GOM Inspect Professional software. The two-day training course is aimed at interested persons who have no or very little experience in the software-based evaluation of measuring objects. The software packages GOM Inspect, GOM Inspect Professional, TRITOP Professional or PONTOS Live are suitable for the evaluation of the measurement data.

At the end of the training you are able to:

  • Import and edit stage data
  • Carry out simple inspections
  • Understand creation parameters and element dependencies
  • Carry out 3-point alignments and best-fit alignments
  • Construct elements, use measuring principles and check elements
  • Display, sort and export value tables and diagrams as well as insert them in reports
  • Create and edit reports and change the layout
  • Create a user-defined inspection principle
  • Create project templates
  • Change label templates

Prerequisites for a successful transfer of knowledge:

  • Basic knowledge when dealing with a PC system
  • Basic knowledge when dealing with windows-oriented software


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