Automation (VMR)

The Virtual Measuring Room offers a virtual but functional representation of a real measurement environment in ATOS software. With the appropriate licensing, it is part of the software.
The two-day training course teaches all of the concepts and operating methods required to work with the Virtual Measuring Room. ATOS Professional VMR or GOM Inspect Professional VMR software is required.

At the end of the training you are able to:

  • Operate the virtual measuring room
  • Align CAD models in the virtual measuring room
  • Reproducibly position measuring objects
  • Teach the robot using different methods, e.g. manually, fully automatically
  • Optimize robot paths
  • Create virtual measurement series
  • Create VMR project templates
  • Manage measuring setups, measure bottom surfaces
  • Teaching fixtures, photogrammetry
  • Use an ATOS sensor with photogrammetry camera in the VMR
  • Real moving measuring in the VMR

Prerequisites for a successful transfer of knowledge:


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