ATOS Professional System Basic Training

The ATOS digitizing system can digitize measuring objects at high local camera resolution and accuracy, quickly and easily.

During the three-day training course, participants with no or very little experience with coordinate measuring technology will learn the basic strategies for working with an ATOS sensor and ATOS Professional software.

At the end of the training you are able to:

  • Handle the ATOS sensor
  • Create a project in the GOM software
  • Handle reference points
  • Digitize measuring objects which fill the measuring volume or which are considerably larger
  • Change the ATOS sensor to a different measuring volume
  • Polygonize the measured data
  • Carry out an automated rotation table measurement
  • Measure with reflection detection
  • Measure without reference points
  • Measure small measuring objects
  • Use project templates
  • Edit polygonized measuring data
  • Import and edit scan data
  • Carry out simple inspections
  • Understand creation parameters and element dependencies
  • Carry out best-fit and RPS alignments and apply measuring principles
  • Plan inspections based on nominal data
  • Display, sort and export value tables and diagrams as well as insert them in reports
  • Create and edit reports and change the layout
  • Create project templates
  • Create a user-defined inspection principle
  • Create a stage project and carry out simple trend analyses
  • Perform a 3-2-1 alignment
  • Measure distances, diameters and angles
  • Create 2D sections

Prerequisites for a successful transfer of knowledge:

  • Basic knowledge of how to use a PC system
  • Basic knowledge of how to use windows-oriented software


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