GOM Training

GOM takes care of customer education on the GOM products on different levels. From basic knowledge about how to operate a system over theoretical knowledge about computation principles and software handling to deep specialized application skills, there are all needed training courses available.

Classroom Courses

  • Basic Level: Participants get to know their GOM system, learn how to operate the hardware and create their first software projects.
  • Advanced Level: Strengthening of skills on the GOM system and software in advanced training courses.
  • Expert Courses: Participants become an expert on their GOM system in their individual domain.

All classroom courses range from single-day to multi-day training courses and can be individually combined. The training courses follow a world-wide standardized concept and are implemented by our certified distributors in the respective national languages. For all classroom courses, complete training material is available in eight languages complementing the course.

The classroom training courses are held in GOM training centers which include all necessary equipment and systems. On request, customer-specific training courses on-site are possible.


In addition to the classroom courses, GOM offers training webinars and videos teaching specific workflows and background information about software functions and concepts. The webinars and videos are publicly available and free of charge. Participants can learn in their own pace whenever they want.

Basic Level System and Software Training

The range of basic level classroom training courses includes system and software training. Each course combines theoretical knowledge with practical training. Various exercises on the systems and software ensure a productive learning environment. The training courses are especially recommended if participants are new to the GOM world or if they just want to refresh their knowledge about GOM systems and software.

ATOS is a high-resolution optical digitizer, delivering three-dimensional measurement data quickly and precisely. The three-day training course teaches the basic strategies for working with an ATOS sensor and ATOS Professional.
ARAMIS is a non-contact optical 3D measuring system. The system analyzes, computes and documents deformations, rigid body movements and the dynamic behavior of measuring objects. During the three-day training course, you will learn all strategies and concepts for acquiring and evaluating data with an ARAMIS system.
3D measurement data can be evaluated using GOM Inspect Professional software. Register now for this two-day training course and discover more about the use of GOM software in mesh inspection.
GOM Correlate Professional is a software for evaluating 3D point-based measuring data and measuring data derived from stochastic patterns. In this training course you will get to know all concepts for the evaluation of measuring data.
Photogrammetric determination of ATOS reference points supports dynamic referencing by GOM for large objects. The one-day training course covers the basic strategies of photogrammetry.
TRITOP is an optical 3D coordinate measurement machine that measures the coordinates of three-dimensional objects quickly and precisely. The three-day training course covers the basic strategies for working with TRITOP and the associated software.
GOM Inspect Professional Software offers the ability to inspect 3D point-based measurement data. This training course teaches all of the concepts for evaluating point data.
GOM Inspect Introduction Seminars are available in different countries, offering users easy and quick access to learning the software.

Advanced Level Training

In addition to the basic level training courses, advanced training courses teach you detailed background information on specific topics. Participants get the opportunity to dig deeper into the GOM software and learn what they can do with it on an advanced level.

Basic level skills on operating the GOM systems and software are recommended for these training courses. Depending on the course, further recommendations for prior knowledge might apply.

GOM offers the VMR, which has become an indispensable part of automated 3D digitizing, as an additional software module. The two-day training course teaches all of the concepts and operating methods for working with the VMR.
Scripting is done in the GOM software, based on a macro recorder. The two-day training course covers all necessary concepts for the creation and editing of scripts.
The Kiosk Interface is an integral component of the ATOS Professional software that automatically realizes the entire procedure of measuring projects based on a template. During the one-day training course, participants learn the basics of the Kiosk Interface.
GOM, in conjunction with dim GmbH, offers a training course on the subject of Geometric Product Specification (GD&T). The three-day training course includes a comprehensive theory section as well as practical implementation in GOM software.

Expert Courses

GOM offers expert classroom courses targeted for mastering challenges in specific industries. Procedures, workflows, tips and tricks are combined with detailed technical background knowledge and extensive practical exercises with hardware and software.

The trainers of the expert courses are experts with vast theoretical knowledge and many years of experience in the respective fields. This combination ensures that you get professional answers also to questions beyond the content of the training.

Basic level and advanced level skills on operating the GOM systems and software are recommended for these training courses. Furthermore, watching the training webinars and videos on specific topics might help to master the training courses successfully.

Learn everything you need to know about how to measure and inspect sheet metal parts reproducibly in an automated environment. The two-day training course combines theory and practical exercises with best-practice tips and tricks.