International Workshop Series – 3D Metrology in Casting and Foundry Processes

January to April 2018

Argentina · Austria · Brazil · China · Croatia · Czech Republic · France · Germany · Hungary · India · Italy · Japan · Malaysia · Mexico · Poland · Portugal · Russia · Serbia · Slovenia · South Africa · South Korea · Spain · Sweden · Taiwan · Thailand · Turkey · UK · USA · Vietnam

The international GOM workshop series on 3D metrology in casting and foundry processes will take place from January to April 2018 at 42 locations from Asia to America. With application reports from 29 countries as well as live demonstrations, the GOM network provides process and measurement technology expertise throughout the world.

3D Metrology in Casting and Foundry

Measuring systems from GOM are used in sand, pressure die and investment casting processes to guarantee consistent quality assurance: from simulation verification, via accelerating tool-try-out and first article inspection, up to production control and CNC machining.

GOM systems allow for inspection planning based on construction data. In pattern and mold making, targeted tool correction and inspection of fitting for mold halves, core allowance and sliders are possible. During try-out, cast parts are checked for shape and dimension: component geometry, material thickness, shrinkage and warpage. For series-accompanying quality control, all measurement and inspection processes are automated.

GOM Workshops

GOM workshops are an industrial meeting platform for design engineers, tool makers as well as specialists from research & development, production, and quality assurance. They provide insight into the use of optical 3D metrology in the casting and foundry industry. Leading industrial companies present examples from their day-to-day practice. They show how integrating optical measuring systems into the entire process chain helps them shorten development times, improve production workflows, and thus enhance the company’s profitability. Alongside these user experiences, the GOM team stages live presentations to introduce the latest developments in 3D metrology as well as in measurement and inspection software.

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